Five Reason You Need Renter's Insurance 

You might not have considered it before, but now is the perfect time to get renter’s insurance for your new Lubbock apartment. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense or hassle, it’s important to protect yourself and your valuable possessions.

Apartments can be more likely to get burglarized than a stand-alone house. But renter’s insurance doesn’t just ease the pain of being robbed, it can also reimburse you or pay for temporary living expenses if your apartment is damaged by a flood or fire.
Make the smart move and consider getting a policy today. Here are five reasons why you should get yourself covered:

1. It’s Super Affordable

Even if you’re on a tight budget, a renter’s insurance policy is totally affordable. Most auto insurance companies offer a bundle package where you get a discount for both, so it equals out to a low monthly payment. Compared to the total value of your electronics, jewelry, furnishings, the well-being of your nice apartment and you peace of mind, you’ll find it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Burglars Love College Towns

Even if you’re not a current student at Texas Tech, burglars often prey on apartment complexes near TTU during the holiday times when they know college kids will be away. Most Lubbock apartment communities offer a good measure of safety, but you can never be too careful.renters insurance lubbock

In addition to keeping your doors locked and following common sense safety rules, feel secure with a renters insurance policy that will enable you to rapidly replace your belongings if need be.

3. Avoid Liability

Sadly, accidents do happen. People slip and fall, and sometimes even the most well-trained dogs will take a bite. You might think that the apartment complex might handle such issues, but it’s actually the renter’s responsibility.
An affordable insurance policy can cover medical bills if anyone has an unfortunate mishap while hanging out in your Lubbock apartment. People love to sue, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Disaster Damage

Extreme weather events can happen at any time and can lead to flooding from heavy storms or fires from lightning strikes. If your apartment home is damaged by fire or water, your valuable electronics or beloved furniture might be ruined.
Your complex might be responsible for replacing carpets or fixing structural issues, but they won’t care at all about your amazing game set up or leather couches. Make sure you will be able to replace such items with an affordable comprehensive renter’s insurance policy.

5. It May Be Mandatory

More and more landlords these days are requiring tenants to have renter’s insurance. Some states are starting to encourage it as a way to cut down on the volume of lawsuits. Typically, if your landlord does have this stipulation, they will assist you with finding an affordable policy.
Renter’s insurance not only protects you, but the owners of your apartment community as well. Ask to see their policy to see what’s covered and let your insurance professional fill in the gaps.

Protect your peace of mind, your cool stuff, and your bank account by investing in a renter’s insurance policy for your Lubbock apartment. It’s a smart and easy move that will leave you more time to enjoy all the good things Lubbock has to offer!

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