What kind of apartment in Lubbock is best for me?

For first-time renters in Lubbock, deciding what type of apartment can be difficult when faced with all the available options. There are many factors to consider to make sure you pick the best apartment in Lubbock. Here are a few things to consider to help you in your search.

How much space do you need in your Lubbock apartment?

It is essential to look at the square footage of each floor plan Lubbock apartments offer. Ask yourself the question of how much space you will need. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? A studio or a one-bedroom apartment will be ideal if you don't need much space. If you need more space, find a property that offers bigger floor plans or multiple bedrooms.

What is your monthly apartment budget?

The price of rent is a crucial factor when finding an apartment in Lubbock. However, you need to factor not only in the monthly rent but also the cost of utilities and other expenses. Some apartment are all inclusive, which means the utilities are included in the monthly rent. At other sites, you will be responsible for the cost of the utilities. The additional costs that you might be accountable for are if they charge for parking, pet rent, and internet. These are all things to ask the leasing agent when you tour the property. Luckily, LBKapts.com lets you narrow your search based on budget.

Do you need roommates to help split the bill in your Lubbock apartment?

If you are a college student, there are student housing options available to you. These types of properties offer units that have private bedrooms and bathrooms and shared common areas like the kitchen and living room. This is an excellent option for students who need to be close to campus, want to save on rent, and have roommates. Most of the time, the more roommates you have in a unit, the cheaper rent will be. Some properties even offer roommate matching, which eliminates the hassle of finding roommates yourself.

What amenities do you need?

The amenities properties offer can vary greatly from place to place. It is good to consider what is important for you to have. Some key things people look for are:

  • Washer/dryer hookups or onsite laundry facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Clubhouse
  • Computer lab
  • Outdoor Grill
  • Dog park

When touring the property, make sure to look for and ask about the amenities.

Other things worth mentioning are the length of leases, location, appliances, and pet policies. Finding an apartment can be stressful but knowing exactly what you need and want can make the process much smoother. You will find your perfect future home in an apartment in Lubbock in no time!

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