What are the best parks to visit in Lubbock?

Summer is right around the corner, which means the sun is out and it's time to enjoy the weather— looking for relaxation, running trails, or a dog park to take your furry friends? Embark on a journey in the fresh air and great outdoors of Lubbock, TX. Once you've already found the best apartments in Lubbock, it's time to get outside and find the best parks too! Here are some of Lubbock's greatest and most enjoyable parks to visit.parks Lubbock

Mackenzie Park

Explore the beautiful scenery at Mackenzie Park, which also provides all the standard amenities you'd expect to find in a public park and more. From golf courses to baseball fields to playgrounds, this 248-acre park is filled with all the activities you need to enjoy the outdoors. Conveniently located on 301 Interstate-27, it is sure to be just a few minutes away. When you go, be sure to bring your furry friends as this area includes a dog park and welcomes all pets!

Prairie Dog Town

One of Lubbock's most entertaining outdoor activities is visiting the land of Prairie Dog Town. Of all of nature's wildlife in Lubbock, the prairie dog is the most amusing. Feel free to watch them interact with one another in their natural habitat. Located inside Mackenzie Park off of 4th Street and Interstate 27 overlooking Meadowbrook Golf Course, Prairie Dog Town is free of charge and open to the public from dusk till dawn.

Mae Simmons Park

Mae Simmons park provides a great trail in an unexpected location. Located off of Oak Ave., the Outer Loop Trail is a 7.1 mile, perfect for hiking, and offers several activity options. This park features a public grassy lawn, a playground, and a disc-golf course. Also highlighted in this area is an entrance to Dunbar Lake, which is perfect for fishing. Pets may also roam the trail but must remain on a leash!

Maxey Park

The neighborhood of Maxey Park borders Texas Tech University along 19th Street and 34th Street. Having all the amenities of a community center and abundant family programming, Maxey Park also features a vast lake and several sports facilities. Typically, in the summertime, the center hosts "Movie Night at Maxey Park" so that families can watch their favorite flicks and gaze at the West Texas stars.

Tech Terrace Park

Tech Terrace is an excellent patch of land that features benches, shaded trees along the perimeter, and trails perfect for biking, running, or walking. Very popular with dog owners, this park is very spacious and provides plenty of open space for your four-legged friends to run around.

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