How do I know what size Lubbock apartment is right for me?

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When it comes to choosing an apartment, the first step you must make is deciding what size you are looking for in your future home. From studios and one bedroom to spacious five-bedroom apartments, there are many layouts to choose from. The most common options for a Lubbock apartment will be one bedroom, two bedroom, or three-bedroom apartments. Several considerations will help you picture your future needs in your new apartment.

Space for the Family

The first factor of importance in your decision is considering how much space you will need for each member of your family – whether that be two children who will share a room or three children who will each need their own room. For younger children, sharing a room might make more sense for now. If you have adolescent or teenage children, however, they might have some objections to sharing with their siblings in which case you may need to upgrade to a larger apartment space.


Another important consideration to make is how much furniture you already own – is it only enough for a studio apartment or did you previously own a three bedroom and have your space decked out? In the case that you already have plenty of furniture for a larger layout, you might want to consider renting an apartment with a similar number of rooms simply for the convenience of not having to sell your old furniture and redesign a new space. Alternatively, if you don't have a lot of furniture but you enjoy furniture shopping or want to engage in the buzzing DIY furniture flip trend, getting a larger space might be perfect for you!

Home Offices or Guest Rooms

Do you work or study remotely? Having an additional room that you can dedicate to a home office could be a game changer. Working somewhere other than the space that you recreate – whether that be your bedroom, living room, or kitchen – can have enormous mental health benefits in allowing you to achieve work-life balance. You'll finally feel like you're off the clock when you exit your office, allowing you to relax after long days at work.

Another use for an extra room for those who frequently have family or friends visiting is to turn the space into a guest room. Your apartment will instantly become more inviting if you can offer guests the privacy of their own space while visiting. A guest room can also be perfect for children who want to host sleepovers or parties.


Families that include pets might want to consider having a dedicated space in their apartment for their pet – whether that be a whole room or an additional storage area. Many animals can benefit from having their own space to retreat if they need alone time, especially if you have multiple pets. Outdoor spaces such as yards or balconies can also be beneficial to those with furry friends.

Visualizing your future needs is the best thing you can do in deciding between apartment sizes for your new Lubbock apartment. When in doubt, be sure to make the decision that you feel will be best for your long-term happiness and needs.

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