What are some tips for eco-friendly living in apartments in Lubbock?

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This apartment community utilizes green efforts such as electronic rent payments and Energy Star Appliances.

Finding an eco-friendly apartment in Lubbock starts with knowing what features to look for, but saving energy is an ongoing effort. Whether you've found an energy-efficient apartment or want to improve the eco-consciousness of your current space, here are some tips to live green in your Lubbock apartment.

Features To Look For

When you're on your apartment hunt be sure to look for features that can make your Lubbock apartment more ecofriendly. Check to see if the kitchen appliances are energy efficient. Also be aware of low flow shower heads and water saving toilets that can conserve water and reduce your water bill. Are the windows and blinds energy efficient? Updated washer and dryer units can be a big saver for the electric bills and the environment. When you're touring the properties you like be sure to take note of the eco-friendly features of the individual units and of the community.

8 Tips for eco-friendly living in your Lubbock apartmen

Already settled in your new space, but still making the effort to stay green? Try these tips to make your Lubbock apartment an ecofriendly one.

1. Reduce flushing

While this may sound extreme to some people, a great way to save water and reduce your bill is to reduce the amount of flushing in the bathroom. If your apartment doesn't have eco-friendly toilets that use less water, try having a house rule of "let it mellow if it is yellow." This idea will reduce energy and water usage for a more environmentally friendly bathroom.

2. Compost in your freezer

Composting in your apartment could seem impossible but have no worries the freezer is the solution. Avoid the rotting smell of compost, while still returning the nutrients of your waste back into the earth when you keep a small compost bin in the freeze. This slows down decomposition, is a no-brainer, and could be helpful for an apartment garden.

3. Keep moderate temperatures

While living in an apartment in Lubbock may tempt you to keep temperatures chilly indoors, maintaining a steady moderate temperature will extend the life of your A/C unit and save on electricity. Try to keep temperatures around 75-78 degrees to save on your bill and use less power. Spend time outside on your Lubbock apartment balcony and get some fresh air.

4. Reduce single use waste

Being more conscious about the single use plastic you use is an easy way to be eco-friendly in your Lubbock apartment. Instead of getting plastic bags at the grocery store bring your own next time. Make a note from your food delivery that you won't need plastic utensils.

5. Save food with beeswax wraps

Reducing food waste is easy when you save produce with beeswax wraps. This eliminates the need for plastic wrap and is more effective in extending the life of your food.

6. Dryer balls, clothesline

Drying clothes can be the biggest electrical usage in your apartment. Get clothes dried faster with reusable wool dryer balls and skip the single use dryer sheets. Or go all-natural and try hanging your clothes out to dry.

7. Ecofriendly cleaners

Cleaning your apartment is a must, but using harmful chemical heavy cleaners is not. Use eco-friendly cleaners that save on plastic use and won't pollute the water supply instead.

8. Thrift

Decorate and personalize your space with secondhand items! This saves on resources and energy needed to make new items and saves great pieces form ending up in the landfill. Check out your local thrift store or go on Facebook marketplace to find items for your eco-friendly Lubbock apartment.


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