What's a fancy restaurant in Lubbock I can take a date to?

Planning a date night for you and your significant other can be quintessential in having a long term relationship. Taking the time to go out and treat yourselves to a nice elegant dinner can strengthen the bond between you both more than you think it would. You can find the perfect place to eat to match your nice Lubbock apartment to come back to or use the extra money you save by choosing a cheap apartment on a date night!. However, deciding where to go can turn quickly turn into a lengthy debate. Try using this narrowed down list of fancy restaurants located here in Lubbock for you and your partner's date night pick. fancy restaurants Lubbock

La Sirena

"La Sirena" or "the mermaid" in Spanish is a contemporary restaurant located here in Lubbock featuring creative Mexican cuisine. The restaurant itself is positioned right next to a pond with a scenic bridge for their outside courtyard guests to enjoy. Their menu features seasonal modern Latin dishes like enchiladas, pato en mole, and Vieira de Mar. Alongside your entree, they also serve the most extensive selection of tequila in Lubbock. La Sirena is the perfect date night spot if you and your partner are wanting something special for dinner tonight. 

The Funky Door

If fine dining and wine are what you and your better half have an appetite for then The Funky Door is the perfect location for date night. The modern contemporary atmosphere gives a unique feeling in the restaurant alongside live music for guests. The Funky Door also features what is called ‘NapaTechnology Wine Stations.' These are stainless steel stations housing 40 different wines that can dispense 1.5 oz, 3 oz, and 6 oz glasses for guests. The Funky Door prides itself in wanting the customer to be able to sample any and all wines they want at their discretion. Their menu also includes their famous fondues and a ‘funky' creative twist to their other dishes perfect for date night. 

Double Nickel

Arguably the most well known fancy restaurant here in Lubbock, the Double Nickel is voted one of the top ten steakhouses in Texas. With items on their menu like ribeye, châteaubriand, steak au poivre, farm-raised salmon, Australian lobster, bass, and Australian rack of lamb you and your partner are sure to find a dish you enjoy. The Double Nickel also offers extensively imported and domestic wines and a fully-stocked bar to hand mix any spirits to both of your likings. The Double Nickel also allows it's guests to make reservations months in advance that way you and your better half have peace of mind while planning and still have an exceptional date night. 

Las Brisas 

This southwest steakhouse creates the ultimate elegant atmosphere from the moment you're invited in. Las Brisas serves Angus steaks sourced from cattle ranches here in the U.S., and their seafood is flown in fresh three times a week. If the evening's weather allows, their outdoor patio has a view of a pond and waterfall along with live music March through October for its guests. Las Brisas also features their award-winning wine list with over 650 wine selections. With items on the menu like lobster, filet mignon, beef wellington, sea bass, and New York Strip steaks you and your partner are sure to have a lively date night you'll always remember. 

While having a nice meal at home is always a good option, it is worth it to get out of your apartment under $1500 a month for a special evening for your significant other.

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