What are some things I can do for fun near my new apartment in Lubbock?

If you are moving to a new apartment in Lubbock or have lived here for years, there are always new things to do in this hub city. Lubbock has seen fast and exponential growth over the recent years, with more exciting things to explore. Here are a few things you need to experience! 

Wineries in Lubbock

Surprisingly, Lubbock has quite a few wineries in the area, and you might have one minutes from your new Lubbock apartment. The climate of this West Texas city is ideal for growing wine grapes. A few of the wineries to try in the area are McPherson Cellars, Llano Estates Winery, Caprock Winery, and English Newsom Cellars. Each of these places has many different wines for you to try and find the one you love. 

Museums in Lubbock

Lubbock has a variety of museums in the area; you can spend the entire day just at one viewing the exhibits. Here are a few of the museums Lubbock has to offer. The Buddy Holly Center has a collection of artifacts showcasing the Lubbock-native musician Buddy Holly. You can check out a list of apartments near the Buddy Holly Center hereThe Ranching Heritage Center has 55 historic structures on its property ranging from 100 to 200 years old. This museum displays the evolution of ranch life from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s. If you're living in an apartment near Texas Tech, you'll have several museum options close by including The Museum of Texas Tech University has a diverse collection, including Anthropology, Art, Clothing and Textiles, History, Paleontology, and Natural History. The museum also has ever-changing exhibits, so there will always be something new to view.  

Night Life near Your Lubbock Apartment

Lubbock locals know how to party and have a good time. We are a college town, after all. The Depot District and downtown Lubbock are filled with delicious restaurants, lively bars, and rockin' music. The Cactus Theater is an excellent place to hear talented musicians play. The theater is always hosting different styles of music, so there is sure to be a concert you will love. La'Diosa Cellars and Triple J Chophouse are a few of the restaurants in the Depot District where you can have a delicious meal and a locally crafted beverage before you hit the town. 

TTU Sports 

Texas Tech University has an incredibly talented student athletic department. Locals living in off-campus housing around TTU and fans from around the country travel to Lubbock to attend games. Whether a baseball, football, or basketball fan, you will love attending the games and feeling the energy the fans bring to cheer on TTU.  

Hopefully, this has helped you know how to spend your time in Lubbock. Whether you are visiting, living here already, or planning to move here, this city has a lot to offer.
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