What are some fun things to do near my Lubbock apartment?

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Explore the city of Lubbock with plenty of things to do near your Branchwater apartment.

Whether you are just starting your journey in Lubbock, Texas, or have lived here for years, you have to check out these hidden gems. Lubbock is known for being a decent-sized hub city, while still having a small-town feel, which can make it harder to discover everything there is to do. No worries, we've got you covered with a local's list of what to do near your Lubbock apartment


You won't find the MOMA in Lubbock (yet)… but we do have several excellent museums to check out. The Museum of Texas Tech University is a great place to visit to learn about anthropology, art, history, paleontology, and natural history. There are also ever-changing exhibits, so you can see something new every time you visit. The TTU museum is conveniently located next to Lubbock's Student Housing. Next on the list is the National Ranching Heritage Center. This indoor and outdoor museum showcases the evolution of ranch life from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s. It has 55 historic structures that are time capsules dedicated to the frontier settlers who lived in that era. There is an indoor area with galleries featuring photography and artifacts that capture historical and contemporary Western life. I could write numerous pages just talking about all of Lubbock's unique museums, but here's a list a few others worth visiting.

  • The Buddy Holly Center
  • Silent Wings Museum
  • Lubbock Lake Landmark
  • American Windmill Museum
  • Science Spectrum & Omni Theater (great for kids!)

Wineries near Lubbock

Believe it or not, Lubbock has a few local wineries. The West Texas climate makes for a great place to have a vineyard. Llano Estacado is a local winery that is the largest premium winery in Texas. Get a few friends together and plan a trip to a winery, tasting delicious beverages and soaking in the west Texas sun. If wine isn't your drink of choice, Lubbock also has several breweries around town.

Antique Stores

Find some real hidden gems at the fantastic antique shops here. From books to sports memorabilia to furniture, you are destined to find something you enjoy. The Antique Mall of Lubbock, located west of 19th street, next to the West End Shopping Center.  This is a great place to spend an afternoon or a whole day!

Art Shows

Lubbock is a great place for art lovers to live. On the 1st Friday of every month, the "First Friday Art Trail" is held downtown. These events are a free, self-guided art tour that spans several blocks in downtown Lubbock. There is music, workshops, food trucks, and a lot of fun. You can enjoy the works of local artists and possibly find your next inspiration for your art.

We hope you learned something new about Lubbock, Texas. There is always something new to do here, waiting for you to discover. What will you do first?

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