What are the benefits of living in an apartment near TTU vs. an on-campus dorm?

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Living in an apartment as a college student will give you more freedom as a growing young adult.

As a student, you'll have to make the tough decision as to whether you want to live in an on-campus dorm or an apartment near TTU when you come to college. There are positive and negative aspects to both options, so it really comes down to individual preferences, budget, and lifestyle needs. This article will break down everything you need to know about living in a dorm or off campus apartment.

Benefits of Living in Apartments Near TTU

There are many obvious benefits that come to mind when thinking about living in a TTU apartment compared to a dorm. To start, living in an apartment comes with a lot of added privacy and freedom that you really can't get in any dorm style living. Your TTU apartment will likely allow you to have your own bathroom or only share with one or two other people. You don't have to deal with the dirty and crowded communal bathrooms found in most average dorms. You also won't have to follow rules set out by Texas Tech and your RA if you live in an apartment and therefore have the freedom to make your own schedule. Another great part about living in an apartment is the extra space. You'll be able to cook your own meals in the kitchen, watch tv with friends in the living room, and even study at your own desk. All of these become very challenging in a dorm when you are working and living in the same tight space. Also, in an apartment you will have your own bedroom likely with a queen size bed in comparison to a rock-hard Twin XL mattress. Apartments near TTU are also great if you have pets because they will not be allowed in any on campus dorms. Additionally, if you are a person who values their personal space and would like to live alone, you are much more likely to find a one-bedroom apartment off-campus. One of the best parts about apartment living is the many amenities that come with it. On the contrary, if you are a person who enjoys spending time with others, you have the freedom to choose to live in a four-bedroom apartment to have multiple friends with you. A fitness facility, study room, and/or pool are just steps away from your front door. It makes it so convenient to have all of those features right in your apartment community instead of traveling to them separately. As great as living in an apartment sounds, there are many extra responsible that come with it such as cleaning and maintenance which some people may find challenging with busy schedules.

Benefits of Texas Tech On-Campus Dorms

On campus TTU dorms may not seem like best choice at first, but they also have many great features especially for first year students. Living in a dorm is a very social environment and you will likely meet so many new people while being there. Not everyone on your dorm floor will be your best friend but it's a great place to start when you come to college. Another benefit to the dorm is that there is less responsibility than when you live in an apartment. You don't have to worry about cleaning up a kitchen or bathroom because that is all done for you by the university staff. You also don't have to worry about a sperate monthly utility bill while living on campus. Also, dorms can sometimes be less expensive than apartments but that all depends on individual situations. Lastly, arguably the best befit to living in a dorm is the close proximity to everything on campus. You will have a super easy commute to class and the library when you are living just steps away.

When it comes to apartments near TTU vs dorms, you'll have to review every feature about option and chose what is best for you and your specific budget. Everyone is different so be sure to make a pros and cons list that matches your specific needs.

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