I just moved to college and I'm feeling homesick already. How can I make apartments near TTU feel like home?

Even with the excitement and freedom that comes with college, homesickness is very common especially for first year students living in apartments near TTU for the first time. It's very understandable to feel sad and alone when you're not with your family and your familiar hometown. This article will help you to make your college apartment at Texas Tech feel more comfortable and ease your homesickness

Personalize your TTU Apartment

A great way to start to make you apartment feel like home is to add personal touches to the space. When you see familiar faces all over your wall it will help make the place seem more special to you. Try finding your favorite pictures of friends and family and framing them or hanging them up on a cork board. You can even use the pictures as decorations by printing polaroid style pictures and making a will of them in your bedroom or on the fridge. Another way to personalize your apartment is to include sentimental items into the space. Things like high school achievements or flowers from your mom will serve as a reminder of everyone back home.

Make Your Apartment a Place You Want to Be

The best way to overcome homesickness is making your apartment a place that you actually want to spend time in. You should accessorize the apartment however you want in your own personal style. Some things like Christmas lights and candles can make ethe apartment feel extra cozy and homey. Another way to make the apartment a place you want to be is to create a designated study spit. This will motivate you to get all of your work done. You should also make sure you fully stock up on all your kitchen supplies to make apartment feel like home. This way, whenever you want to cook a meal you'll be fully prepared with everything that you need.

Invite Friends Over to Enjoy the Space

You can start to feel less lonely in your TTU apartment by having friends over to your new space. You'll create great new memories in your apartment that will hopefully help distract you from feeling homesick. Amenities like pools and club rooms are also great to meet new people or hangout with friends from school. We recommend having a movie or game night shortly after you move in to get the ball rolling. Another way to curb homesickness is by choosing to live in a four-bedroom apartment near TTU. Having built-in friends that you can talk to will distract you from the stress of being alone. 

How do deal with homesickness outside apartment life

There are also a few ways outside of your apartment that you can help make Lubbock and Texas Tech University fee more like home. First, get to know the new area. The town has so many great things to offer that if you know it better it will definitely start to feel more homey. Another great way to meet people on campus. Through class and student organizations, the more you put yourself out there the better chance there will be to meet your people. Finally, you can feel less lonely by setting video calls with friends and family back home. Be sure to not call too much though because you want to make sure that you're putting yourself out there at college.

Overall, homesickness can be really tough but its important to remember that its something that almost everyone goes through. Following these quick tips will get you feeling excited about your new TTU apartment and less lonely.

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