How can I get an in-home workout in my Lubbock apartment?

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Having an apartment fitness facility is a great way to get a workout in just steps away from your front door!

How can I get an in-home workout in my Lubbock apartment?

Whether your apartment community doesn't have a fitness facility, or you just prefer to work out alone, your Lubbock apartment can be the perfect place to still get a workout in without all of the hassle. Many cheaper Lubbock apartments don't have a gym so you can just save money by doing workouts from your living room! This in home option is great because sometimes beginners feel more comfortable working out in privacy to build up their skills before they head to the gym. Others just want to save time and money by cancelling their gym membership. Either way, you can still get the same great results as the gym from the comfort of your living room. Plus, you'll be more motivated to work out because your new "gym" is just a step away from your couch. This article will help give you tips to get started on learning the best ways to do in home workouts for you.

Find the right space in your Lubbock apartment 

Whether you have a smaller or more open apartment layout you will definitely be able to find the perfect place to knock out your in-home workout. In more spacious apartments look for a place that you will be at least full arms width away from hitting any furniture. It's also best to look for a space with hardwood floors or where you can temporarily roll up the carpet. If you're dealing with a smaller more cramped apartment in Lubbock, try moving around furniture to make a little space for your workout. Additionally, patios or balconies make the perfect place for home workouts if you prefer to be outside and get some fresh air. You should also consider roommates while choosing as place to complete your workout. If you want a more private spot you should try doing in your bedroom rather than common areas like the kitchen or living room. If you have a second spare bedroom, that can also be a great place to turn into a home gym.


At the end of the day, you don't really need any equipment to do in home workouts but there are some options that may enhance your experience. It's really up to you and your preferences of how much equipment you need depending on your budget. Some of the smaller basic items that you could get are weights, stretch bands, yoga mats, ankle weights, and a fitness tracker like an Apple watch or Fitbit. Again, you don't need any of these items but think about which types of workouts you prefer then go from there. Some larger and more expensive equipment to consider is a treadmill, elliptical or bike. You can find high end ones such as a Peloton bike or more affordable options. Keep in mind if you have the space for one of these large cardio machines or if you will actually use it before spending all of the money. Overall, you can use as little or as much equipment as you need to create your perfect Lubbock apartment home workout within your budget.

In Home Workouts online

If you're not sure how to get started on your in-home work, apps are great way to go. There are variety or free and subscription-based apps and sites that offer workout instructor videos that you can follow along with from your living room. A great free option is to checkout fitness YouTube channels. My personal favorites are Madfit and Chloe Ting but there are a ton of options. I recommend just searching the type of workout you want to do on YouTube or Instagram and see all of the options that pop up. Some other great apps and sites to check out are Fitbit premium, Sweat, Obe Fitness, POPSUGAR, and Peloton. All of these come at a variety of skill levels and price points so you'll have to consider what is best for budget and experience.

Creating a perfect in-home workout routine at your apartment in Lubbock is easier than you think. Anyone skill level or budget can make a great setup using our simple tips and tricks!

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