What are some New Year's resolutions to make for a great semester at Texas Tech University?

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With the start of every year, inspiration and spirts are high. People are energized by the promise of starting anew and being an improved version of themselves. Many turn to new year's resolutions to guide their year with a set of personal goals. Whether you want to be a better student at Texas Tech University, pursue a new hobby, or be a more mindful person; challenging yourself at the beginning of the year can be a rewarding experience.

 No matter the resolution, be intentional. Take some time to evaluate your life, identify what you want and determine if that goal is achievable. Especially in a college setting, change and growth is inevitable and ongoing. Your perceptions and desires will shift; just check in with yourself to gauge where you are. Starting simple can often be the key to the biggest change.

Keep your Apartment near TTU clean

For academic success and for your own peace of mind, having an environment that you feel comfortable in is essential. If you have roommates, maybe in a three-bedroom apartment, make sure you have implemented a division of the cleaning duties. This could be as easy as a chores chart or even a group chat dedicated to cleaning. Talk with your roommates and explain your resolution of a cleaner space to get everyone on the same page. Even if you live in a studio apartment or one bedroom, keep yourself accountable with reminder sticky notes or a google calendar reminder for taking out the trash or cleaning the bathroom. Coming home to a neat space can relive stress and even can make you more productive.

Get Into Great Shape

If you ask a gym goer, they'll know about the January spike of fitness newbies. It is exciting that you've decided to live a healthier lifestyle, but if you want to avoid the burnout many have, you need to stay realistic and consistent. A great way to stay motivated is to workout at your TTU apartment gym. The close location will leave little room for excuses. Start slowly with a manageable gym schedule, get a motivating playlist AND podcast, and splurge on some workout gear that makes you feel confident. To reach your gym goals you must understand that progress is not made overnight. Challenge yourself to stay on your workout schedule for 60 days and see how you feel afterwards.

Make New Friends

As a Texas Tech University college student, you're in a bubble of young people your age. However, college is also one of the busiest times; everyone is concerned with getting a job, passing their classes, or hitting the town. Despite the mass of fellow students around, you may still end up feeling alone. Making new friends at TTU is a skill that takes time to develop. Try making new friends by getting involved on campus, joining Greek life, or even getting matched with a roommate. Get out there and mingle at your apartment's community social events or going to TTU campus events. There are over 450 student organizations at TTU, so find one that suits your interests, and you already have something to bond over with your new friend. Remember that friendships are investment and usually the payoff comes in the long run. As cliché as it sounds, be yourself and you'll attract the kind of people who genuinely appreciate you, for you.

New Year's resolutions are a great time to take agency over your college experience and push yourself to make the most of your four years. You are capable of making your reality the one you want, on January 1st, or any other day of the year.

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