What are the best places to study off-campus near my Texas Tech apartment?

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ULOFTS Apartments offers great study spots for Texas Tech students in Lubbock throughout the community.

Studying on campus at Texas Tech isn't always the best option with crowded libraries, especially during exam season. It also can be very difficult to get all the way to campus just to get in a quick session. Luckily, the town of Lubbock has many great study spots located conveniently just a few minutes from TTU campus. Every student studies differently so try to find a study spot that has the atmosphere that you're looking for. Some people work better is a busy space with a lot of noise while others need complete silence to study best. If you aren't sure which work environment is best for you try checking out a few different places to see what is best for you. Whatever your preferences are there's a spot for you to explore around Lubbock. We've compiled the list of student-approved study spots off campus at TTU, so you can try to find a hidden gem before the next finals season.

Coffee Shops

A popular student favorite of off campus study spots at TTU are coffee shops. There's always an argument about which one is best, so we recommend that you should checkout a few to find your favorite one. Some of the most well-known student coffee shops around Lubbock are Sugar Browns, J&B, and Yellow House. J&B Coffee is a great place with an extensive menu of food and beverages. Many students love studying here which can sometimes make it feel a little crowded inside. Also keep in mind that parking here can be very limited so you may want to opt to walk or bike to the location. If you're looking for a cuter and trendier place, Sugar Brown and Yellow House are two Instagram worthy spots. A bonus recommendation that we have is the Market Street grocery store near campus. They have WIFI and snacks and are open 24/7 so it's perfect for a late-night cram.

Lubbock Public Library

The city public libraries in Lubbock are usually completely overlooked by students. This is a great spot if you are looking for silent and focused study because they are never really crowded. When campus libraries get busy during finals and midterms try grabbing a table at the public library to get some work done.

Get outdoors

If you prefer to study out in nature there's still some great study spots for you around Lubbock. Try investing in a good hammock that you can setup anywhere that they have 2 trees. You can try getting a space outside off your off campus TTU apartment and if you have a patio or balcony try to study there. There are also some great public parks near Texas Tech campus that are perfect to set up a blanket and study at such as Tech Terrace Park, Magaedon park, and Urbaonvsky park.

TTU Off Campus Apartment

One of the best places to study off campus is your own off campus apartment near TTU. Try setting up and organizing your desk to help you focus on studying while you're in your three bedroom apartment. If you study in your bedroom or living room this is definitely a quieter option than opting to go to a public place like a coffee shop to get some work done. If you prefer the hustle and bustle atmosphere you still can achieve this environment within your apartment community. Many TTU Apartments offer study rooms within their building for students to have the library feel just an elevator ride away from their front door. This is also a great spot to get some group study session done because collaboration is encouraged. You and your roommate can also transform your two-bedroom apartment into a quiet study area for the day and study together!

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