What are some pet friendly features that I should look for in my Lubbock Apartment?

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Large grassy areas near your apartment community are a great spot for your pet to play!

Pets are very important members of your family, so they should be a very important part of your apartment search as well. When looking for pet-friendly apartments in Lubbock, there are a few key features to keep in mind while weighing your many options. We have compiled a list of the top pet-friendly apartment features to look for to keep your furry companion happy and healthy and make your life easier while you care for them.


Try looking for apartments with balconies, to give your pet some extra outdoor space right off your apartment. Most pets love to get outside, but this can be challenging in an apartment where the outdoors is much less accessible. Having a balcony means you and your pet can get some fresh air quickly and accessible without walking down many stairs or even leaving your living room. For small dogs, a balcony can be an easy way for them to get outside and use the bathroom. You can purchase a small grass patch depending on the size of your space for them to do their business on.

Community Walking Route

Having a dog walking route around your apartment community can make exercise for you and your pet much more convenient. Most dogs need daily walks to stay active and stimulated and it's much easier for you when the path is right near your home.
Pro Tip: It's a bonus if the walking paths have pet clean-up stations so that you don't have to worry about bringing your own supplies. No matter what though, always be sure to clean up after your pet to be respectful of others.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Apartments with pet-friendly amenities will elevate your experience with your furry friend. Dog parks are a great apartment amenity for your pup to get out and socialize with our dogs in the community. They can run free, get some exercise, and enjoy being outside to play. Your dog can have the opportunity to meet a new friend and so can you! There will be many other pet owners in this area so it's perfect for meeting new people in your apartment community that shares similar interests. A pet spa is another great amenity for easy pet clean-up. You can also save a lot of time and money avoiding taking them to the pet groomer as often as usually by utilizing this amenity. Plus, it's a great way to pamper your pet; they deserve it!

Spacious Floorplans

Larger open apartments are perfect for larger pets because they can have room to move around especially when you aren't home. If you have a busy lifestyle and can't be home with your furry friend as often, consider looking at a place that they can have the freedom to move around!

Hardwood Floors

Finally, hardwood floor or tile apartments allow for much easier pet clean-up in comparison to carpet. As a pet owner, you know that accidents are inevitable, but you can easily fix the damage when it can be easily wiped away. This will also avoid unwanted odors as well. Pets that shed can make apartments feel messy, but with hardwood floors, excess hair can be easily swept away.

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