Any ideas for fun rainy day activities I can do in my Lubbock apartment?

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Cooking at home in your Lubbock apartment kitchen is a great way to pass time on a rainy day!
Bored on a rainy day in your Lubbock apartment? You don't have to stay in cleaning and doing laundry in your apartment just because of the weather. It doesn't have to be a bright sunny day for you to enjoy your day! As relaxing as rainy days often are, once you finish a whole season of that new favorite show, you may want to do something more active than just sit on the couch. Well, fear not, we have created a list of fun activities you can do on a rainy day in your Lubbock apartment:

Game Night

What can cause boredom on rainy days is the lack of human connection. Being alone all day can make you sad and wishing you were appreciating the day with friends. If you relate to these feelings, why not get a group of friends to meet and have a game night? You could play a classic card game, board game or even videogame! Have some fun with it and make a Game Night Tournament. Whoever wins gets a prize your group decides on. If your friends aren't able to come over, you can have a virtual game night through iPhone games or online websites that have games, like an Escape Room. You can even have your furry friend in on the fun with pet-friendly apartments in Lubbock you'll never be bored on a rainy day!


Get creative indoors on a rainy day! A fun and inexpensive way to do this is through creating art. Engaging in artistic activities has scientifically been proven to alleviate anxiety and stress while simultaneously enhancing brain function. Do you have a room in your Lubbock apartment that needs a facelift? Get a few canvases and a few colors of paint that you like and create something to give the room that extra spark. Or maybe you want to DIY a flowerpot as a gift for a friend. Whatever it may be, use this rainy day as an excuse to get creatively messy!


Instead of ordering Uber Eats, why not create that meal you've been dying to try on your own! Even if you don't have the ingredients, you can utilize an app like Instacart to get everything you need delivered to you. Then, it's time to cook! A productive aspect about this activity is that you could meal prep for the week. You could also bake for that sweet tooth and make a few extra batches of cookies to deliver to neighbors and friends.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Spend the day looking at old pictures and videos. This nostalgic experience may put some needed perspective in your life. This will also spark meaningful conversation with those around you. You can call up your parents or an old friend and talk about those memories. After looking at these old photos, a fun activity to do is to spend the day writing letters to those who have impacted you. Writing a letter is a very unique experience in this day and age because virtually all written communication is digital today. You can also write yourself a "Open in (insert number here) years" letter. Tell your future self what you hope to accomplish and how you feel now.

Although a rainy day can be a bummer, especially if you were planning on having a fun day outside, the entire day doesn't have a bust. Now you have a few ideas of how to turn a rainy day into a day of fun and meaningful activities in your Lubbock apartment!

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