How can I prevent roommate issues in my new apartment near Texas Tech?

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Sharing a TTU apartment can be a great way to save money that living alone wouldn't allow. Your rent will be cheaper, you can carpool to school, and it's nice to have one or more people to keep you company! Unfortunately, living with roommates may come with some unavoidable issues. If these issues are left unattended, they may become unbearable. The best course of action is to take preventative measures. Here are four common issues many people face with a roommate and how to deal with them before they become a significant problem. Whether you're moving in with a long-time friend from high school, a new friend you met at Texas Tech University, or a roommate you haven't even met yet that will be assigned by your new apartment community, try these tips: 

Keeping Your TTU Apartment Clean

Problem: Everyone has a different standard of what "clean" means, which is why it's the most common roommate issue that people face. While one of you prefers to wash dishes at the end of the day after eating all meals, the other may want to wash dishes immediately after every meal. 

Solution: Communicate! The best way to avoid conflict is to let your roommate(s) know what everyone needs to do to keep the apartment clean and smelling fresh. Consider getting an apartment in Lubbock with a dishwasher if you are particular about this, as this can significantly speed up the process. Also, remember to return the favor by asking them what you can do for them!

Unbalanced Finances

Problem: When it comes to renting, it's common for each person to pay the rent equally unless someone gets an extra perk, such as an in-room bathroom or a larger space. However, the small things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, etc., are where the "who-pays-for what" line gets blurred, and roommates can get upset.

Solution: Establish a plan for who pays for what. For example, for any utilities or amenities that are shared, you can alternate monthly/weekly or split them evenly every time. This solution also works for things everyone uses equally, like cleaning supplies, decorations, etc. With food, it's best to purchase and eat your own so that there are no complications about who eats and pays for what items. Finally, consider getting a TTU apartment with individual leases to avoid additional issues with lease responsibility.

Unexpected Guests

Problem: Every once in a while, your roommate may bring someone over to your TTU apartment without asking; for the most part, it will not bother you. However, if it continues regularly, it may become a considerable inconvenience.

Solution: Develop general house rules about guests that everyone can agree on. They do not need to be unnecessarily strict, but asking guests to leave by 10 pm on weekdays is not unreasonable. Or suggest they hang out in your roommate's room instead of the living area.


Problem: Mistakes will always happen no matter how careful someone tries to be. Someone might spill a glass of wine on the carpet or break a dinner plate in the kitchen — something like this is bound to occur.

Solution: Keep an open mind. You have to be willing to forgive accidents and be responsible enough to own up to them. If you ruin or break something, be ready to replace it. Reminder: Anything with high/sentimental value should be kept in your room. The last thing you need is for something irreplaceable to break. To avoid having to purchase and share responsibility for common area furniture with your roommates, consider a furnished Lubbock apartment.

The Takeaway

Roommate problems are common, and having them doesn't mean you or anyone else living in the house is high-maintenance or controlling. The key to preventing potential conflicts and resolving current issues in your new apartment near Texas Tech University is to stay in communication with your roommate(s) and don't be afraid to tell them how you're feeling.

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