I need quick and easy meal suggestions for tonight. What is the best takeout food in Lubbock?

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Coronado Crossing
Enjoy takeout from Bangkok Thai anytime at Coronado Crossing, which is only a minutes' drive away!

The tastiest night-in eats in the 806.

Whether its a romantic movie night at home or a casual girls' night, we all love some good takeout. Lubbock has the most restaurants per capita of any city in Texas, but which ones are meant for yummy to-go orders?eating out Lubbock

Bangkok Thai

You may live in Lubbock, but the tastes of Thailand can easily be yours. Not only is Bangkok Thai a hole-in-the-wall, it is certainly a hidden gem. You can make any dish as mild or spicy as you need. They have plenty of menu options, from less-known dishes like Tom Yun Goon to popular favorites like Pad Thai. Bangkok has large portions, which is perfect for take-out. You can eat for several days on one order. Perfect for flat broke students looking to fill their studio apartment fridge.

One Guy from Italy

As a Lubbock classic, One Guy's pizza and calzones are loved by lifetime Lubbock-ites and new Red Raiders. Low prices and super-sonic service make it perfect for pick-up. One Guy's is perfect for carb-fueling after a long day. Also, don't forget about the killer lunch special: calzone and a drink for only $6.50!

Little Panda

Along Texas Tech's main drag, Little Panda is the epitome of Chinese take-out. Their egg rolls have stolen the heart of all who've tasted them. While it may be named ‘Little' Panda, it's menu size and portions are anything but. All the Chinese take-out staples, like egg drop soup, are represented. But there are also many dishes you've likely never tried.  

Market Street

If you need some good ‘ole fashioned comfort food, drive on down to Market Street. They've got southern favorites like okra and fried catfish. Their chicken fingers and mac n cheese taste just like your Grammy made them! Also, you can pick up extra toothpaste and dinner all in one place.


Craving some breakfast for dinner? Picante's has you covered. There delicious, and humongous, breakfast burritos are served all day long. As a local favorite, Picante's serves great dishes at fair prices. And unlike many Mexican restaurants in town, Picante's has a really fast to-go service.

Royal Indian Cuisine

Royal Indian Cuisine may be the best-kept secret in Lubbock. Don't let the sleepy dining room fool you, their food is as tasty as it gets. Respected for its authenticity, Royal Indian gives locals the opportunity to try dishes they can't find anywhere else. While the Tikka Masala is solid, there's also plenty of opportunities on their menu to branch out. Don't forget to order samosas to go with your main entree!

Save yourself the hassle of cleaning the kitchen of your apartment under $1,200/month and grab a quick, delicious bite to eat. 

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