How can I choose the best pet friendly Lubbock apartment?

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Finding the perfect pet friendly apartments in Lubbock to suit your and your pets' needs can be difficult. There are many things to consider ensuring the happiness of your furry friend. Here are a few things to look for when searching for your new rental home.

Pet-Friendly Apartment Policies

Ask about ALL pet policies when looking for a new Lubbock apartment. Some places say they are pet friendly; however, they could have restrictions that might affect if you can have your pet. Several apartments can have breed and weight restrictions in place. For example, they might not allow breeds that are considered aggressive and have a weight limit for pets larger than 50 pounds. Some apartments do not allow pets at all, which will be a deal breaker if you are considering living there. Make sure to ask about the pet fees, deposits, and pet rent.

Grassy Areas

If you have a dog, grassy areas to walk in are vital. Dogs love to sniff and potty in different spots; having an array of locations around your apartment will let your dog be able to explore and do their business with ease. Make sure to pick up after them when they are finished to keep the area clean for the next pet.

Walking Space

As mentioned above, dogs love to explore and sniff. Sniffing gives them enrichment and is their way of socializing. Walking space around the property will provide them with a chance to exercise and social interaction, with room to spread out beyond smaller floor plans such as 1 bedroom apartments. If your dog doesn't do well with others, having ample places to walk to avoid seeing other dogs will keep them stress-free. For people who enjoy walking their cats, this is also an important thing to look for.

Accessible Apartment Windows

Both dogs and cats love to look outside and see what is happening in the world. From watching birds and squirrels to seeing when their mom or dad (you) are home, windows are essential to make them feel not so cooped up in your Lubbock apartment. If the windows aren't low to the ground where they can look out, try putting a chair or bench near it so they can hop up and look out.

Does your future Lubbock apartment offer a dog park?

Apartments in Lubbock with a dog park are vital if your dog loves to run around and play with other dogs. This will allow for off-leash exploration and let them get their zoomies and playtime needs met. If you have a larger dog, make sure the fences around the dog park are tall enough so they can't jump over it. More and more properties are adding dog parks to their grounds to ensure pets and their owners are happy.

These are just a few things to consider when looking for your next apartment in Lubbock. Of course, the needs of each pet will vary, so consider what your pet needs when on your search. Happy pet, happy life!

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