How to Forward Your Mail to Your Lubbock Apartment

One of the unfortunate hassles of moving is having to change your address. Thankfully, nearly everything is online these days, which makes it a cinch to be sure your important mail will get to your Lubbock apartment in a timely manner. forwarding mail Lubbock

You deserve to spend more time exploring all the awesome things about your new hometown instead of worrying about bureaucratic details. Here’s a step-by-step list that will help you get your address changed quickly and easily!

Step 1

Visit the United State Postal Service official change of address website

  • Enter your email address and cell phone number.
  • Are you moving here permanently or temporarily?
  • What date would you like to begin forwarding your mail?
  • Enter your old info and then your new Lubbock address.
  • You’ll need to pay a small identity verification fee – just $1.05 USD.

The USPS will then email you a confirmation code. You’ll get a bunch of sweet coupons in the mail for cool stuff near your Lubbock apartment. Letters and packages will now be rerouted to your new home. Be sure that you put in your full address because you want to make sure your mail comes straight to you, even in a large gated apartment complex

Step 2

Inform Your Bank

This one is important – anywhere you keep your money should have your current address, just in case. Most bank websites have an online form, but they may require you to call and answer security questions as well, or even visit your closest branch to confirm your identity. Their security measures might be a bit inconvenient, but it keeps your hard-earned cash safe from online scammers. If you have credit cards, retirement accounts, or any other financial interests, now is the time to visit their website and update their records to your new address. You may have moved for a new job at Lee Lewis Construction; be sure to update your employer’s HR and payroll departments.

Step 3

Don’t Forget to Tell Your Family & Friends About Your New Lubbock Apartment

In the old days, you would have to send letters or call people. Now, you can just send an email or group text. Let your loved ones know about your happy new home, and you might just receive some awesome housewarming gifts. Go for the Instant Pot!

Step 4

Double Check – Is Everything Set for Your Apartment in Lubbock?

  • Are all your utilities moved to your new abode or is your apartment all-inclusive? Cable, power, water?
  • Do you have any subscription boxes? Jelly of the month club?
  • Have you updated Amazon, UberEATS, and any other delivery service you use?
  • Do you get regularly scheduled meal kits, medicine, or pet supplies?
  • Go through your email and your favorite delivery apps to make sure you’ve updated your address.

Moving is stressful, but soon you’ll be settled into your new Lubbock apartment. Save time and energy for having fun adventuring around town by following this simple and easy checklist!

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