Top 3 Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock, TX

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Top 3 Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock, TX

3 Bedroom Apartments

Is a three-bedroom apartment in Lubbock right for you? Sharing a space with two people can sometimes be the magic number. Check out the benefits of living in a three-bedroom and what the environment is like below to know whether it is the best living situation for you.

Benefits of 3-Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock

When you are living in a three bedroom you are automatically going to be saving money comparative to a studio, one-bedroom or two bedrooms in the same apartment community since the price per bedroom or the spilt price will be less expensive it will be a cheaper apartment. For the most part expenses go down when they are shared amongst more people. The exception would be shared items such as toilet paper, paper towels or food items, as they will disappear a little faster. Having more people is also ideal to help clean and maintain the space.

Three roommates can be the perfect number for a lot of people. Rather than living with only one other person and having more of a one-on-one relationship dynamic, there is a relaxed communal feel instead. Three is also a little less intense than having four or five people in one apartment since there aren't too many people where space is cramped and there are too many personalities living together.

How to Find Three Roommates for your Lubbock Apartment

Not everyone has two people that they are ready to live with. If you are in need of one or two additional people to fill your three-bedroom apartment, you can try a couple of methods to find those roommates. If you are fine with rolling the dice and living with strangers, you can find an apartment complex with roommate matching and live with people who have similar lifestyle preferences. While this is no guarantee, it can be nice to find people who are as cleanly as you and have similar sleep schedules. Another option is to turn to the internet to find your roommates through forums, Facebook, or other social media posts. Advertise your living space and have the opportunity to meet up with potential roommates and see if you think it would be a good fit. Lastly, if you have friends that are looking for a place to live you can recruit them but be wary that living with friends doesn't always work out.

Best Practices for Living in Lubbock Apartments with Three Bedrooms

When you move into your three-bedroom apartment, it is smart to layout boundaries and figure out how to share responsibilities earlier, rather than later. While there are more people to help out, it is important to make sure that there is a fair spilt of household duties. One way to make sure everyone is contributing is to assign each person a task that they are in charge of. For example, one roommate could do trash while another does dishes. Responsibilities could also be assigned on a rotating schedule to keep everyone in check.

Most importantly, communicate with your roommates and you'll end up loving your three-bedroom Lubbock apartment under $900/month.

Overall, a three-bedroom apartment is really the magic number when it comes to choosing the perfect place to live. You will save money and have the happy medium between living with people, but have it not been too crowded. This floorplan is ideal for almost any budget and lifestyle making a great option to have at the top of your list while apartment hunting.

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