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All Inclusive | Texas Tech University

All Inclusive

All-inclusive, or "all bills paid", apartments are great for individuals who are looking to eliminate the hassle of having multiple bills each month. All-inclusive apartments near Texas Tech issue a bill each month to residents that includes rent plus a flat fee for basic utilities. Utilities commonly include heat, water, garbage, and electricity, but make sure to check with your apartment community beforehand. Especially for students looking to save money, all-inclusive apartments might be a good option to check out!

Benefits of All-Inclusive Apartments

All-inclusive apartments in Lubbock may be attractive, especially to renters on a budget. With these apartments, you will only have one bill to worry about each month. Also, you won't have to keep track of varying costs for separate utilities bills since both the cost of rent and utilities remain the same throughout the entirety of your lease. This is perfect for students who have a difficult time tracking their money or are on a tight budget. Another benefit to all-inclusive apartments is not having to worry about the repercussions of cranking up the air conditioning on those hot summer days. We all know with the Texas heat; air conditioning is a must! You'll save yourself the stress of spiking your utilities bill (since it will already be included in rent) and set your apartment to whatever temperature you need. Texas Tech all-inclusive apartments are straightforward and inclusive of everything students need. From having fully furnished bedrooms, to a rent covering everything in your apartment, all-inclusive apartments are definitely a great option for students to consider.

Things to Consider with an All-inclusive Apartment

Living in an apartment can be expensive, and occasionally unpredictable. With an all-inclusive apartment, you're able to eliminate some of the costs you might have otherwise- this is especially true if you choose to live in a 4 bedroom apartment near TTU! However, as with any place, there are a few things to consider before signing at an all-inclusive community.

What is Covered?

In most case scenarios, in an all bills paid situation, your rental agreement will cover rent, electricity, water, heat, and trash services. However, every lease is unique so be sure to ask your landlord before committing to an all-inclusive apartment. Some agreements might only cover electricity, in which case you'd be responsible for paying additional costs. Ask and research these questions so you're not surprised when you get your bill

Is furniture included?

A lot of all-inclusive apartments in Lubbock are fully furnished as well, but not always. Furnished apartments are perfect for students who aren't able to lug around all of their heavy furniture from place to place. Furnished apartments are equipped with a couch, bed, TV, and all other necessities before your arrival to make your move that much easier. Search for communities that offer fully furnished spaces along with utilities to allow for a seamless and low-cost transition into your new home.

Is there a limit on utility usage?

Another question to ask your apartment community is if there are any fees for going beyond a set amount of usage. Some places only allot for their residences to use a specific amount of utility usage and will charge you for going over. Don't be alarmed with additional charges and ensure any limits on utility usage are outlined in your lease.

All-inclusive apartments near Texas Tech are attractive options for any renter, but especially students! With everything included, students won't have to worry about complicated bills and can focus their attention on their education and enjoying themselves at their university. All-inclusive apartments are the perfect way to save yourself a few headaches and simplify your budget. This amazing feature can truly be found in the best apartments in Lubbock!

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