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Cheap Apartments | Lubbock, TX

Cheap Apartments

Whether you're a student, or someone in the workforce, finding cheap apartments in Lubbock might be on the top of your to-do list. Apartment rent can get pricey and negotiating for lower rates might sound too intimidating. However, we have a few tips to help you find an apartment that fits in your budget.

Know the Best Time to Rent Apartments

While looking for affordable apartments in Lubbock, do some research on the average rent prices in the area and surrounding neighborhoods. This way, you will have an idea of what most people are paying and can use those numbers as a good starting point. Also, make sure to consider the role of "good timing" when you're looking to rent. Leasing during an off-time of the year might be your golden ticket to finding lower costs. Typically, winter (November-January) is the best time to rent due to demand being at its lowest during those months. If you're flexible on the time you're planning to move, then consider signing a lease during the low periods of demand for apartment rentals. If budget is a concern, consider checking out one bedroom or studio apartments in Lubbock, they might save you money.

Ask About Apartment Specials

Deals and specials are especially common in student housing but might be offered anywhere! You won't know until you ask, so be sure to check with your landlord if there are any discounts on long-term leases while searching for an apartment. In student-populated areas, specials will most likely start to pop up during the months of August and September, when everyone is looking to sign their leases. Some examples of specials you might find are 1 month of rent free, reduced monthly rent, or waived administration/application fees.

Sacrifice Fancy Amenities

Many luxury apartments draw you in by showcasing all of their fancy amenities. Don't be fooled by the appeal because deep down you know you don't need a resort-style swimming pool and state of the art fitness center. Apartment communities stacked with fancy amenities are likely to charge higher rents, or tack on additional fees. While you're on your hunt for inexpensive apartments in Lubbock under $800/month, make a list of your needs and wants, and consider some of the sacrifices you might have to make.

Be Ready to Rent

In the Texas area, good apartments tend to go pretty quickly! Don't waste any time and go ready to apply. Odds are, you aren't the only individual searching for affordable apartments in Lubbock, so do your research, get prepared, and show up to the leasing office with everything needed to get going.

Finding an inexpensive apartment in Lubbock that fits all of your needs might sound like a challenge, but it should be a challenge you're ready to tackle. Just know that cheaper rent doesn't always mean a better deal, so be sure to factor in all costs before making a final choice on an apartment. Also, be sure to go in with the preparation and knowledge needed to get the best deal you can on your apartment! Looking for affordable apartments doesn't mean that you cant find some nice apartments on the list that match your budget!

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