Apartments Near Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech University

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Apartments Near Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech University

Apartments Near Jones AT&T Stadium at TTU

Jones AT&T Stadium is a hotspot for Texas Tech students to enjoy game days and fun with friends. Home of Red Raider football since 1947, this landmark location is a huge source of energy and excitement. The stadium can hold up to 60,454 people and you'll be sure of that when you hear the roaring on Saturdays in the Fall. The large capacity makes this stadium the 44th largest college football stadium in the United States. This outdoor athletic center in Lubbock, Texas was built based on Spanish Renaissance architecture and has undergone a variety of renovations throughout its history to bring you the powerhouse you see today. Features unique to Texas Tech include the Double T scoreboard modeled after the college logo and the gigantic jumbotron.

Pros and Cons of Living in Apartments Near the TTU Stadium

There are plenty of amazing reasons to want to live close to this high-spirited stadium, from the positive energy in your vicinity to the geographic benefits. With these benefits comes a few drawbacks you might want to consider before signing your next lease. Read further to learn why an apartment near Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech might be perfect for you.

Benefits: Convenient Gamedays & Surrounded by Options

The most important reason why you might want to live in an apartment near the football stadium at Texas Tech is because of the ease of access to football games. If you are the kind of person who spends every game day at the stadium cheering for the Raiders, living in apartments nearby will give you access to everything you need to embrace your student lifestyle.

Everybody who has attended a sporting event on campus knows that parking can be one of the biggest issues when trying to support your home team. When you choose to live at an apartment within walking distance to the stadium, you eliminate this issue completely. Never worry about leaving an hour in advance to drive around searching for a spot or paying extra for a spot on campus. You can leave fifteen minutes before the game starts and be certain you will have no trouble attending. Head to the game with your two bedroom apartment roommate and get to the game in no time!

In addition to your convenient access to the stadium, you will also be close to Texas Tech's on-campus buildings and restaurants that will make your life even easier. You are your three bedroom apartment roommates will be just minutes from hotspots such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Chipotle Mexican Grill are placed right around the Raiders stadium, meaning you will be able to walk to these locations as well.

If you are the kind of person who prioritizes walking to campus and restaurants, living in an apartment near the TTU stadium is perfect for you.

Disadvantages: Heavy Traffic & Loud Areas

For those who choose to commute on foot, you will have no trouble living near the stadium. However, if you prefer to go more places in your car, you'll find quickly that the traffic surrounding your apartment on gamedays will be impenetrable. For many, this vivacious atmosphere is just what they are looking for in a student apartment. For others, this could be a severe drawback for the lifestyle you want to live.
Some people might prefer a more peaceful location over the hustle and bustle of a college football area. The roars and cheers of a Saturday gameday that might ignite adrenaline in some make sleeping in seem harder for others.

If the bustling and lively atmosphere of a college town on gamedays excites you, living near Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech could be right for you.

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