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Non-Student Apartments | Lubbock, TX

Non-Student Apartments

Are you looking for non-student apartments in Lubbock? You've come to the right place! Although it may seem that many apartments in Lubbock are geared towards college students, there are still tons of great options for apartments that are focused on other groups. This article will breakdown the best features in non-student apartments in Lubbock particularly for specific groups of professionals, families, and seniors.

Apartments for Professionals in Lubbock

Maybe you're a young professional right out of college looking for your first real apartment of your own or just want a single-person space. Most working adults are looking for a smaller space without roommates. If you're only in town for work for a limited amount of time, try looking for apartments with short-term leases! You can check out studio, one, or two bedroom apartments. Another great feature for apartments for professionals is an on-site fitness facility. You can save time and money by cutting out that gym membership and being just steps away from the perfect workout. Having a busy lifestyle with a 9-5 job, it's easy to just get off work and come to a fitness center right in your apartment community. It's also important to consider looking for non-student apartments that are within close proximity to your job. It will make the commute much easier if you live close to where you work! Finally, another great amenity in apartments for professionals in Lubbock is having a club room in your apartment. Some apartment communities offer social events which could be a great way to meet new people that live in your building outside of work! Many of these great amenities for professionals can be found in brand new Lubbock apartments!

Apartments for Families in Lubbock

While having a family, it can be challenging to live in an apartment. Depending on the size of your family you'll want to look for apartments that have enough bedrooms to all of you comfortably. This will likely mean looking for a 2+ bedroom space. Another great feature to look for in family apartment is having a lot of outdoor space. This extra green area is great for kids to get outside and play. Another quality to look for is an apartment for families in Lubbock with modern finishes. Having a family, you spend more time at home or in the kitchen. Granite counter tops, hardwood floors, and stainless-steel appliances are great upgrades in a modern new apartment. You'll also want to look for multiple bathrooms and large open floor plans. If you're looking for a little more safety for your kids, try looking at gated apartments for extra security!

Apartments for Seniors in Lubbock

Seniors want to look for special apartments that will be best for them. These apartments tend to be quieter places and more relaxed.  A feature to look for in senior apartments in Lubbock is having an elevator. This can be great to avoid having to carry up heavy groceries up many flights of stairs. This will also make the apartment more accessible for handicapped friends or family to visit as well. Many seniors also will be retired and looking to relax. A pool is a great option in an apartment to achieve this. IF You are looking for more affordable options, there are still cheap apartments in Lubbock that meet this criteria as well!

Overall, there are many different types of non-students apartments in Lubbock each with unique features that suite each group. You should take time to consider which amenities are truly important to you and will best suite your non student lifestyle.

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