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Pet Friendly Apartments | Texas Tech University

Pet Friendly Apartments near Texas Tech

If you're a pet owner looking for pet friendly apartments near Texas Tech University, there's a few things you should consider before beginning your search. Determining your budget is important, because most places charge pet rent or pet insurance. It's also important to decide which amenities are important to you, like a dog park or complimentary waste stations. Deciding whether or not the apartment fits your animal's needs is something you should prioritize when starting your apartment search. Out of the pet friendly apartments near TTU, you're sure to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.


What to Consider When Looking at Pet Friendly Apartments Near TTU


Pet Rent


Apartments charge pet rent in a few different ways, so be sure to call and ask if you're unsure. The charge can either be a deposit or a fee, and often, apartments charge both. A pet deposit is a charge that you can get back at the end of your lease, given that your animal doesn't cause noticeable damage in the apartment. A pet fee, often called "pet rent," is a one-time or monthly charge that is nonrefundable. An apartment may ask for a one-time fee up front, followed by $30 a month for pet rent. If a one-time fee is more realistic for your budget, research what potential pet friendly apartments near TTU are charging and compare that to your other leads.


Pet Amenities


As a full-time student, your time is valuable. What better way to save time than an on-site dog park? This will save you the hassle of finding a public dog park, especially if you're new to the area, and save you the time of driving there each day. Apartment dog parks are also open any time of the day, which is convenient for training a young puppy who has to go out more often. Another benefit of an on-site dog park is that you'll quickly become familiar with the other dogs in the apartment complex. This will result in less potential fights, because you'll soon be accustomed to which dogs your pet gets along with, and which dogs it doesn't. It could also be a great way for you to meet new people and make friends. Don't be afraid to say hello to fellow dog parents or even ask them for pet advice.


Another pet amenity to look for at dog friendly apartments near TTU are complimentary waste stations. When an apartment offers waste bags at each station, it saves you the time and money of buying them yourself. It's also a great way to ensure that the apartment stays clean. Being a great pet parent and apartment resident means cleaning up after your animal.


Some other things to consider when looking at pet friendly apartments near Texas Tech University are the layout of the complex. You'll want somewhere with plenty of green space for your dog to roam and use the bathroom. It may also be convenient for you to request the first floor, so you can get outside quicker. Additionally, as a dog owner, you may want to live in a 1 bedroom apartment near TTU in the case that you have a hard time finding dog-friendly roommates. You know your dog and its needs; now it's time to look for the perfect apartment.

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