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Apartments Under $1000/month in Lubbock, TX

Under $1000/month

There are many different choices for apartments under $1000/month in Lubbock making it a great budget to be in. You'll be able to look for apartments in the sweet spot of luxury features that are still very affordable. The wide variety of options under this umbrella will allow you to check off all the boxes for your dream place! You will need to narrow down your list to find an apartment community that matches your lifestyle best.

Common Features for Apartments under $1000/month a month in Lubbock

Fitness Center

One common trend for apartments in this budget range is having a fitness facility in the building. You will save money on an expensive gym membership by using one just steps away. Especially if you are a busy college student or working, an apartment fitness center will help motivate you to go more because of the convenience! If you are a more active person, be sure to look at apartments with larger gyms and a better assortment equipment to meet your needs.


Another great feature common to Lubbock Apartments under $1000/month is a resort style pool. You will want to enjoy the warm summer weather by having a great space to get outside and relax. Additionally, the pool is east way to meet other resident in your apartment community through featured events or even invite friends over for a fun night in.

Modern Finishes

Another trend in this budget range is modern finishes. You will be able to find an apartment with your dream kitchen and appliances within this price tag. Keep in mind that if you don't like to cook at home or prefer to try new restaurants this feature may not be at the top of your list. Try looking for other amenities that better suite your lifestyle to splurge on in your apartment decision.

Study Rooms

Finally, if you're a college student there are many apartments under $1000/month near Texas Tech that will help cater to your specific lifestyle preferences. Study/club rooms are great to keep an eye out for when checking out these apartments. You can avoid busy libraries and coffee shops by studying in your own apartment community.

Budgeting for Lubbock Apartments

After finding your perfect apartment using our search, we want to help you budget to live in Lubbock Apartments under $1000/month. Being a student, living costs and tuition can add up on top of the extra costs of moving into an apartment for the first time. You can help keep all extra expenses organized by creating a budget sheet to plan financially. Additionally, look for modern apartments with an energy-efficient refrigerator, dishwasher, and air conditioning to save in that area. Your utility bill each month will come down to less with these features. Save money by splitting expenses with a roommate and live in a two bedroom apartment in Lubbock. Finally, a great way to cut costs is to use the apartment amenities rather than going out. You'll save so much money and still have a great time choosing this route.

Lubbock Apartments under $1000/month are very common and will include the most desired features. The best part about this price range is you will still be getting a high-end apartment experience without the high-end price point of apartments under $1,500/monthor apartments under $1,200/month.

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