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Apartments under $1200/month in Lubbock,TX

Under $1200/month

After sitting down, analyzing your monthly income and expenses, and establishing a budget for rent, you're ready to start searching for your perfect apartment. You know you want to find an apartment under $1,200/month in Lubbock but aren't sure where to begin! Lucky for you, Lubbock offers a variety of apartment communities that will fit your budget while providing you with everything you need to make your new space into a cozy home.

Essentials Under $1,200/month

There are plenty of things to consider when looking for a Lubbock apartment under $1,200/month. Most factors can be broken down into two categories: essential features and desired features.

Apartment Features

Essential features are things that you cannot live without and won't sacrifice when looking for an apartment. For example, security and personal safety is on the top of many people's priority lists. Another essential to look for is location. Location is arguably one of the most important factors that dictates whether or not an apartment is right for you. For students, you might want to find an apartment that is located nearby Texas Tech University, or at least by public transportation to travel there. For individuals that prefer to be within walking distance of things, search for places near local dining and shops so you will never have to travel far to get to where you need to go. Along with location, consider the noise pollution nearby. Living near a big city or college town may result in you losing some peace and quiet, but renting a studio apartment could help create a calmer environment. Noise pollution can be irritating, and especially prevalent in cities populated by college students, so look for places away from busy streets while hunting for your apartment under $1,200 in Lubbock.

Desired Features

Apartment Features

Lubbock apartments under $1,200/month are bound to have many additional attractive features, both in-unit and for the community. Expect the quality of housing to be similar to apartments under $1,500/month.  One in-unit amenity that will save you some hassle is an in-unit washer and dryer. Although this isn't a must-have for everyone (there might be a laundromat around the corner!), it is definitely one that will save you some time. How nice does it sound to just be able to throw your clothes in the wash and then continue to go about your day? With in-unit appliances, such as laundry machines or dishwashers, you eliminate the added time it would take to leave your unit to go wash your clothes and your dishes. Another desirable in-unit feature is private outdoor space. If you're someone who enjoys reading a good book outdoors or wants to do some barbecuing on the grill during nights with friends, private balconies are perfect for you.

Community Features

One of the best ways to get involved in your community is through apartment amenities that are accessible for everyone. With $1,200/month apartments in Lubbock, you are sure to find plenty of additional features perfect for hanging out and getting to know other residents. One great amenity to look out for is swimming areas! In the Texas sun, we all know how nice it feels to take a dip in the pool. Having access to an onsite swimming pool is both convenient and will make your weekends more enjoyable. Another community amenity to consider is fitness centers. If you're someone who likes to work out occasionally, without having to break the bank with a gym membership, then having an onsite fitness center would be a great feature for you; it may even be a quick elevator ride away. Fitness centers at apartment communities will provide you with everything you need to get in a quick workout after a long day of school or work.

There are plenty of apartments under $1,200/month in Lubbock that are perfect for individuals looking for a combination of comfort and luxury. Be sure to sort through exactly what you're looking for beforehand to make sure you're satisfied with your choice in the end. Happy apartment hunting!


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