Apartments near South Plains Mall | Lubbock, TX

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Apartments near South Plains Mall | Lubbock, TX

South Plains Mall

Searching for an apartment near South Plains Mall in Lubbock? This spot is a great landmark to consider on your next apartment hunt. The mall has many great shopping, dining, and entertainment options for guests to enjoy. It is typically open from 11Am- 7PM Monday through Thursday, 11AM- 8PM Friday and Saturday, and 11AM-6PM on Sundays. You should also check out individual stores and restaurants for their particular hours. South Plains has a great range of retail stores from luxury to more affordable options. Some of the most notable high-end stores include Sunglass Hut, Victoria's Secret, Pandora, Eddie Bauer, and Dillard's. If you are looking for a more budget friendly price tag you can check out retailers at the mall such as Forever 21, H&M, and JCPenney. You can even pick up some Texas Tech college gear at Red Raider Outfitters. This mall really has something for everyone from store specializing in clothing to home décor and more. Some notable restaurants at South Plains are Olive Garden, Jamba Juice, Cheesecake Factory, and Chick-fil-a. Whether you are searching for a quick bite while you shop, or a luxury sit down meal the South Plains Mall has you covered for all of your dining needs. What sets the South Plains Mall apart from other major retail establishments in in Lubbock are the many services that they provide to guests in addition to the various shopping and dining options. If you have kids, try checking out the South Plains Kids club which offers monthly activities for kids to partake in at the mall. They also offer stroller rentals and a safari play park inside of the building. Other amenities include ATMs, curbside pickup, concierge services, and featured community events.

Location Of Apartments Near South Plains Mall

The parking lot of the South Plains Mall is easily accessible through 57th street to the north and Slide Road to the east. Most of the apartments near South Plains Mall are located together just north of the mall parking lot above 57th street. South Plains Mall is also very well connected by the 289 Lubbock Texas Highway loop, that goes around the entire city of Lubbock making getting around much faster. The area around the mall is very developed and builds upon the mall's variety of stores by offering many different larger stand-alone retailers and restaurants. These places include popular chains such as Home Depot, Plato's Closet, Texas Roadhouse, and Whataburger, to name a few. Overall, the South Plains Mall area is a great place to focus your apartment search on Lubbock because of the variety of different retail option just a quick drive down the street.

Features To Look For At Apartments Near South Plains Mall

Apartments near the South Plains Mall in Lubbock Texas are a great place to call home, once you've decided that this is the right area for you, we've got some great features to keep an eye out for in apartments near South Plains Mall. First, you can check out the apartment's proximity to the mall and other surrounding retail chains. Remember, the closer you are to all the action of the mall, the quicker it will be to quickly pick up something that you need. Another great apartment amenity to keep an eye out for an apartment with a large walk-in closet. Having the extra storage space for clothes will allow you to shop your heart out while still keeping organized.

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