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Studio Apartments | Lubbock, TX

Studio Apartments

What to Consider Before Moving Into a Studio Apartment in Lubbock

Living in an apartment that combines the normal functions of a myriad of rooms – living room, kitchen, bedroom – is a lot to coordinate. You have to be strategic about the items you bring. Before moving into an efficiency apartment in Lubbock make sure to know your exact square footage and measure all furniture you hope to bring or buy in order to avoid a headache when moving in. The last thing you want to do is get to move in day and realize your furniture does not fit in the compact space.

Must Have Furniture for a Apartment Flat in Lubbock

Choosing Lubbock studio apartment furniture and décor can be overwhelming. Small spaces, like a one bedroom apartment, can sometimes be the most difficult to furnish because there is a delicate balance that is involved: you can't have too much furniture otherwise you'll feel confined, but you also can't have too little furniture that it doesn't feel like a home. It's important to pick furniture that will maximize your space, be as storage efficient as possible, and make the space look more spacious than it is. Here are a few must have's:


  • If your studio is very small and you don't think you will be able to fit both a bed and a couch without feeling crammed, invest in a daybed! Daybed's are interchangeably used as a bed and common room seating. This way you won't have to pick one or the other- you have both!


  • A simple way to do this is by creating a designated a space for your sleeping area. You can do this in many ways such as using a long dresser to make a wall for your bed or plainly hanging up a curtain that encloses your bed


  • Mirrors. Mirrors. Mirrors. These are a must for making your studio feel more spacious and add more dimension to your space. 

Vertical Studio Apartment Furniture

  • Vertical Furniture draws the eye upwards giving the room a bigger feel. An example is buying a large bookcase to use as both decoration and storage!

How to Layout an Efficiency Apartment

Now that you have the right furniture, it's time to figure out how to layout your Lubbock studio flat. Arranging furniture is always a challenging but that is especially true when your space is limited. Apartment Therapy, a group of architects and interior designers, have created a set of spacing suggestions in terms of the layout of a studio apartment including:

  • Allow 30 – 36 inches of space to walk between furniture
  • Provide at least 3 feet of space between seating (between couches and chairs for example)
  • There should be 14 – 18 inches of space between the sofa and coffee table
  • Corners are your friend. Put your bed or storage area by the corners
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