Making Friends at Texas Tech 

Making friends at college can feel very intimidating at first. You are in a completely new environment with a whole school of potential new people to meet. Don’t worry, even though it seems very overwhelming, making friends at Texas Tech is a rewarding and fun part of the college experience. There are so many ways to meet new people on campus that you’ll be sure to find your lifelong best friends in no time.

Places to meet people at TTU


Student organizations are some of the best ways to meet people on campus with similar interests as you. Go to the student fair to check out all the clubs and find one that stands out to you. You will find the right fit because TTU has a huge variety of student involvement opportunities. Plus, a bonus is that you will instantly have something in common with the people you meet because you are both at the same club meeting!

Campus Events

Large campus events such as sporting events or concerts attract many students at TTU. Everyone loves to attend sporting games, such as football and basketball, so they are a great time to meet other students with a lot of Red Raider spirit. If you're looking to be in the best spot on game day, check out apartments near Jones AT&T Stadium. If any music artist comes to Lubbock, make it a party and ask some people in your TTU apartment to tag along!


Classes are the perfect opportunity to sit next to someone new in your lecture and introduce yourself. You now have a new friend and a study buddy. It’s also very easy to reach out to them about upcoming quizzes and assignments, so you can stay on top of your academics. Pro Tip: find a small group to set up a study session with at the library! making friends at ttu

TTU Dorms or Off Campus Housing

Meeting people that you live with in TTU Dorms or off campus housing is an important part of the college experience. You guys can walk to class and the dining halls together and even hangout at night in your new place. Look for apartments with roommate matching services if you aren’t sure who you want to live with yet and you may even meet a new friend! 


Finally, internships give you the opportunity to network and meet new people through professional development opportunities. Having connections in your major or career field will be very helpful on your job hunt in the future!


Tips for making friends at college

1) Remember it takes time

You may not find the perfect group right away when you first get to TTU. Try not to be discouraged and keep putting time and effort into relationships. Eventually, you will naturally find your people and place on campus. 


2) Put in effort

Friendship is a two-way street, so you get out of it what you put into it. Try to initiate fun hangouts for your new besties so you can bond and strengthen the relationships. The more effort you put in the more likely you will be to find new friends.


3) Diversify your groups

Even if you’ve already met some friends in one of the places above, always be open to getting to know more people. It’s great to have connections across many different areas on campus and different groups for various reasons.


4) Say yes often

The best way to meet friends is by stepping out of your comfort zone and saying yes to any opportunity. If you get invited to go study at the library, say yes, go to a football game, say yes, get dinner, say yes. All these seemingly small experiences will build up to be important memories and bonding times that you’ll back on. The more you do, the more you will get closer to the people around you.


5) Be yourself

Finally, the most important tip for making friends is to simply be yourself! People will love you for who you are if you are genuine and put yourself out there. You don’t need to pretend to be someone that you’re not to find an amazing group of people.

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