Move-out Preparation 

So, it’s time to move out of your Lubbock apartment. Goodbyes are always sad but hopefully you found a great upgrade using our apartment search services! There can be a lot of work and preparation that goes into moving out of your old place. We’ll help you get that security deposit back and never miss a step in the apartment checkout process. You should try to follow these simple steps before moving out to ensure that you get your money back. Remember every apartment community had different move out expectations, so to be safe check your individual lease to know what you are required to do before you leave. You will also want to make sure any outstanding rent or bill payments are made prior to leaving. Here is a general list of move out steps:move out preparation lubbock

Keep it all clean

You will need to make your apartment as clean as possible to avoid added fees when moving out. Make sure to hit every part of the apartment with dusting surfaces, mopping up floors, and wiping down your kitchen island. It’s a good idea to clean uncommon areas such as behind couches and cabinets. The kitchen and the bathroom tend to be the most commonly dirty areas so focus on that when cleaning up the place. If you want to go above and beyond, it may be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that everything is done correctly!

Fix it Yourself

Try to not leave any small repairs for the property to handle that you could easily fix yourself. They will probably try to overcharge you to fix minor imperfections. A great way to do this is patch up small holes and paint over them. You can also work on any stains that the apartment might have gathered. This extra step is worth all the money that you’ll save!

Take Everything with You

Don’t forget any of your personal belongings when leaving the apartment. It will take the apartment community extra time and money to remove these items, so they will likely charge you depending on how much is left behind. Additionally, you probably won’t be allowed to go back and get anything you forgot so triple check every part of the apartment including drawers, closets, and under furniture before moving out; this will be easier if your apartment is furnished

Turn in your Keys

Once you’ve finally completed all the other moving out steps, the last part of the process is to turn in your keys. Apartment communities may have you sign a document officially stating that you are moving out when you go to give them everything back. They will have to charge you for any replacement keys so be sure to give back everything you got when moving in. This could include fobs, room keys, mail keys, and parking decals.

Moving out doesn’t have to stressful experience, make sure that you take your time and be careful to take each step. You are guaranteed to get back that security deposit with the proper time and effort for move out.

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