Lubbock Moving Guide

Welcome to Lubbock, Texas! We've put together a guide to make your relocation to Lubbock a breeze. You may not know where to start your West Texas apartment search, how to get set up in your new place or what the best moving tips are--no worries! At we know Lubbock best, so we'll have you feeling like a native in no time. Read along, follow our tips and welcome home! 

Before You Move

Signing an apartment lease is a big decision. You want to be sure that the rental space you have chosen can work for your lifestyle and feel like home. Feel confident in your choice when you start your West Texas search with us and follow our tips for Lubbock apartment hunting.

What to Ask When Touring Lubbock Apartments

Touring your top picks for Lubbock apartments is a key step for finding a place that feels like home. Here are the questions you should ask to find your perfect match and start your relocation.

considerations lubbock

How to Start Your Apartment Search

Starting the Lubbock apartment search can be overwhelming; you may not know where to begin. Check out our list of considerations for your new West Texas apartment. 

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Choosing the Right Roommate

Now that you've found your perfect Lubbock apartment, it is time to pick someone to share it with. Here's how to pick a roommate that is right for you and your relocation adventure.

map of Lubbock apartments

Map List of Lubbock Apartments

Want to get an idea of your West Texas apartment options? Check out our Lubbock map and find up to date pricing, photos and more!

Lubbock by the numbers

Lubbock By the Numbers

Check out US Census Bureau data and learn about the City of Lubbock and West Texas through the numbers.

renting on a budget

Renting On A Budget

Rent is where most of your paycheck normally goes. Save money and live affordably in Lubbock with these tips for renting and relocating on a budget. 

How To Make Moving Easy  

Moving to a new city, or simply a new apartment can be stressful. Make your move to Lubbock easy breezy when you plan and prepare ahead of time. Check out our tips on renter's insurance, picking a moving company and more to relocate like a pro. 

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Choosing a Lubbock Moving Company

Moving to Lubbock doesn't have to be a hassle. Let the professionals take care of it and choose the right moving company for your job.

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5 Reasons To Get Renter's Insurance

You may not know it, but renter's insurance can be a great asset for your Lubbock apartment. Learn how to protect you and your belongings.

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Moving Tips You Need To Know

Move into your new Lubbock apartment home like a professional. Check out our organizational and planning tips to make moving day a success. 

Get Set Up

Okay, you have your new Lubbock what is the next step in your relocation? It's time to learn about getting along with roommates, forward your mail to your new West Texas address, set up your utilities and decorate. 

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Getting Along with Roommates

Sharing your space with roommates can be tricky, but if you use our tips on open communication and handling conflict, then there is sure to be peace in your Lubbock household. 

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How To Forward Your Mail

Now that you've moved in, the next step is to forward your mail to your new Lubbock address: here's how.

setting up utilities

Setting Up Your Utilities

Getting the utilities up and running is essential for starting your new life in Lubbock. Check out our tips to make for a quick and easy set up.

decorating your Lubbock apartment

Decorating Your Lubbock Apartment

One of the best ways to make your West Texas apartment feel like home is to have fun with some decorating. Here are some renter-friendly ways to make your space pop. 

Get Comfortable 

Make your space feel like home and get settled in your new Texas city. Learn all about the City of Lubbock, what there is to do and the best ways of navigating the city.

welcome to Lubbock

Welcome to Lubbock!

Let us be the first to welcome you to the City of Lubbock! Learn the basics, character and lifestyle of your new hometown- this  is a must read if you're new to town.

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5 Things To Do Your First Year In Lubbock

Get familiar with the City of Lubbock and have some fun while you do it. Check out five things everyone should do their first year in Lubbock.

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How to Live Green in Your Lubbock Apartment

Do you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in your Lubbock apartment? Check out these ways to stay green in West Texas.

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Explore & Have Fun In Lubbock

Not sure what there is to do in the City of Lubbock? There's plenty! Get in on the fun with everything from wineries to the local cowboy culture.

pet in Lubbock apartment

How To Take Care of Your Pet in a Apartment

Apartment living can be a unique situation if you have a pet. Here are our tips on how to be the best pet parent in your Lubbock apartment home. 

Before You Go 

Leaving so soon? Whether you're breaking your Lubbock apartment lease or simply moving out, be sure to check out these tips to leave smoothly. 

before breaking lease Lubbock

Read This Before Breaking Your Lease

Whatever your reason is for breaking your lease, there are tips you should know beforehand. Check out our advice on how to break your Lubbock lease without burning bridges.

get security deposit back Lubbock

Move-Out Preparation

Want to ensure your Lubbock move-out will go smoothly and that you'll get your security deposit back? Here's our advice that'll get you your money back. 

Additional Lubbock Resources

Get connected in the Lubbock community with these additional resources for entertainment, voting and news. 

FAQ Lubbock

Search Frequently Asked Apartment Questions

See what questions about living in Lubbock we have the answers to!

Lubbock dining

Explore Lubbock's Dining Options

Whether you're looking for a quick causal meal or a nice dinner for date night, Lubbock has the perfect restaurant. Check out your options and get to know the city. 

job search Lubbock

Texas Apartment Association Job Search

Find the right job for you with the Texas Apartment Association's job board. Search by job title or by location.

Lubbock crime map

City of Lubbock Police Department's Crime Map

We all want to feel safe in our neighborhood. If you’re looking to do more research on your future Lubbock apartment’s neighborhood, check out the City of Lubbock Police Department’s Crime Map for the most up-to-date neighborhood crime data.

rent assistance Lubbock

Lubbock Emergency Rent Assistance

Get the assistance you need to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic with resources from the City of Lubbock for income-eligible households.