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If you're searching for an apartment in Orlando, Florida, also known as "The City Beautiful," our map and general description of the Orlando area can help to familiarize you with the overall geography of this sprawling city. This should help make sure that you find the perfect Orlando apartment to meet your lifestyle. With over 35 different neighborhoods to choose from, there is absolutely a perfect place for you.

The map of different Orlando neighborhoods on the left side of this page will give you an idea of the specific location of any neighborhoods in the Greater Orlando Area you may be considering when looking for your new apartment. Simply hover over an area of the map to see the neighborhood name, or select the name from the list below the map to reveal the neighborhood information and find out what to expect if you move there, including popular things to do, attractions, and more.

What sets Orlando apart from other cities in Florida? In a word, everything. Orlando is such a melting pot that you truly get an immersive experience of different cultures and interests wherever you are. Each Orlando neighborhood has its own unique features, events, things to do, and apartments with great amenities. From the world-famous dining and shopping experiences to the extensive highway systems that quickly get you where you need to be and everything in between, Orlando is truly one of a kind.

In addition to the features of Orlando neighborhoods, there are also many factors that contribute to an overall high quality of living, like employment, the cost living, and access to education. In Orlando, the top 10 employers are all big name companies with thousands (even tens of thousands) of employees each, making the job market very open and accessible. Additionally, the educational resources close to apartments in Orlando are abundant. With high ranking elementary, middle, and high schools around the area, adolescents are given a well-rounded education early on. For higher education, Orlando is home to various institutions including the University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, Valencia College, Seminole State College, and more.

Overall, Orlando is a wonderful place with many great neighborhoods to look for a new apartment to call home. To begin your search for Orlando neighborhoods with apartments that will fit your lifestyle and budget, click on our neighborhood map and learn more. Happy exploring!

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