What to Ask When Touring Lubbock Apartments

Searching for a new home is both exciting and stressful. You need to make sure your prospective Lubbock apartment is in a prime location, and that the complex is a good fit for your lifestyle, at a price point you can afford.

Once you've narrowed down the plethora of apartment communities in Lubbock to a few that seem the most promising, you’ll want to call the leasing office and schedule a tour. Here are some key questions that you should ask the management staff to make sure that you are making the right decision.

What's the total due to secure an apartment?

You don't want any nasty surprises, and it’s important to not overspend. Most complexes will charge an application fee, a pet fee, a security deposit, and two months’ rent before you can move in.

What's included in your lease?

Many complexes these days offer leases that include water or sewer service, washers & dryers, or complimentary internet or cable. Is a parking spot included, and if so, how many? It pays to inquire if your potential new Lubbock apartment is all-inclusive.

Do I need renter's insurance?

This is definitely a great question for your leasing professional. Some apartment communities do require this, especially ones that are newly built. Don’t worry though – you can usually bundle a very affordable renter’s policy in with your auto insurance.

Is this the apartment that's available or a model?

It's best to try to view the actual apartment that would be yours, if at all possible. If it’s a tastefully decorated model, then be sure to note whether there are smoke detectors, are there enough electrical outlets, and if the insulation is efficient.

What's the neighborhood vibe?

If you're a family seeking peace and quiet, then a rowdy student complex is not for you - just as fun college students would be miserable in a community that’s mostly retirees. Also, you should feel absolutely safe in your new home – if anything sketches you out during the tour, trust your instincts and don't move there.

When can I move in?

Have your goal move-in date in mind to see if this complex is a match. Sometimes apartments will have a rather long waiting list that might not jibe with your schedule. If you have an abnormal schedule, check to see if there are short-term leases available.

Does this Lubbock apartment fit your lifestyle?

If you like staying fit, you’ll want to be located near gyms or outdoor spaces where you can exercise. You should also consider your commute – gas is expensive these days. Check with your leasing professional to determine if the complex is convenient to public transit. If you like to bike, be sure there is adequate storage for your ride.

What’s the pet policy?

If you have a beloved furry family member, you’ll want to check on pet-friendly apartment communities. Usually, there is a monthly pet fee. Some apartments in Lubbock have pet relief areas as part of the complex’s amenities. There can also be weight or breed restrictions, so cover all that in advance.

What are the penalties for late rent payment or moving out early?

Apartment managers know that sometimes things happen, but most will not be very lenient when it comes to a late rent payment. Late fees can range from $50 to over $200. Know in advance how much the complex will charge you in the event you have to break your lease.

Are you allowed to make any changes to the apartment?

Some landlords allow renters to paint the walls anything other than white or install a ceiling fan, but don’t be surprised if these sorts of things aren’t allowed. Ask your leasing professional, as sometimes management will make an exception to keep the tenant happy.

Lubbock has a wide variety of apartment complexes, so selecting the one that’s perfect for you can be a challenge. Take charge of finding your new home by visiting the ones that meet your budget and your needs. Stay observant and ask the right questions, and soon you’ll be relaxing in your new Lubbock home!

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