Read this before you break your Lubbock lease

Sometimes things happen and you need to break the lease of your Lubbock apartment home. Perhaps you’ve gotten an incredible new job opportunity, you want to be closer to a loved one, or your roommate is driving you mad.

Even if it’s a necessary step, breaking a leasing agreement can cost you a lot of money, even in a cheap apartment, and maybe even damage your credit, as well as making it harder to secure a lease in the future. This is a move that needs to be carefully considered before taking the plunge – here are some key things to keep in mind.

What’s the Real Reason?

breaking lease lubbock

Don’t try to make up some sob story – apartment leasing managers have heard them all before. Being honest with yourself, your roommates, and your landlord about your reasons for wanting to move will save everyone a lot of trouble.
If you’ve got a serious situation like a family emergency or medical problem, or you’ve been called for military duty, then most complex managers will make allowances for these unexpected changes.For seemingly unreconcilable differences with your roommates, there are other options besides moving out, such as therapy, mediation, or perhaps changing living arrangements with a neighbor without leaving the community altogether. Make sure you don't lease a three bedroom or four bedroom apartment and leave your roommates hanging.

Money Talks

It’s a fact of life that while money doesn’t buy happiness, it certainly makes it easier to solve your problems. Apartments need to recoup the rental funds you’ve promised to pay upon signing your lease. Even the coolest landlords will be upset by a sudden loss.
If you’ve got the cash to pay some pretty hefty fees, then breaking your lease this time probably won’t affect your credit. But if you leave your roommates and complex in the lurch, then they have every right to call collectors and put a black mark on your credit report. 
Good credit takes a long time to build, and you need a solid score to be able to purchase big-ticket items like a car or be able to get credit for things like vacations.

Think of the Future

If you plan to make Lubbock your home for any length of time, breaking a lease at a local apartment complex will make it much more difficult to get another place later without a lot of hassle. Some communities charge a lot more if you have a broken lease on your record.
Also, if you’re currently living with roomies, are you treating them fairly, even if they’re annoying? Sticking your housemates with your part of the rent is not only bad karma, but you can be taken to small claims court for that money plus damages.

Just Be Smart

Everyone’s situation is different, and sometimes making a life change like breaking your current lease is unavoidable. Be sure that you have taken all factors into consideration before making a big decision.

You owe it to yourself to examine all your choices carefully and select the one that works best for you, the others in your household, and your wallet.
Don’t proceed with any new rental agreements until you’ve completely extricated yourself from your Lubbock apartment lease, or you could be looking at months of double payments or a fortune in penalty fees. Consider the above factors to help you determine the proper steps to take.

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