Setting Up Your Utilities in Lubbock 

Once you’ve selected your new Lubbock apartment, the next important step is to set up accounts with the local utilities offices to make sure your home is move-in ready when you are.

You should aim to take care of this task no later than two weeks before your move-in date – sometimes service and installation crews can be backed up due to weather or other issues. Utility companies also need to process credit checks and other paperwork before activating your account.
Here’s a useful guide to the pain-free process for setting up all the utility services you’ll need for getting your one bedroom apartment up to speed!

Important Things to Consider

  • Ask your new Lubbock apartment community leasing manager if any utilities are included in your rental package. Some complexes offer complimentary trash service or included washer/dryers.
  • Do you need cable TV? In this day and age of streaming services, many people are finding it no longer necessary.
  • Internet is a necessity today. Do you work at home or play a lot of online video games? What’s most important to you – an affordable monthly bill, or paying a little extra for a super fast connection?
  • Does your complex have gas appliances? If so, ask if gas services are included in your lease – if not, you’ll need to set that up as well.
  • All utilities should be in working order and powered on by your move-in date, so you can bring in and arrange your treasured possessions in comfort and light.
  • Most people don’t have landlines these days – but will you need one for your blossoming home business or active children?
  • Don’t forget to make sure your old apartment’s utility services are disconnected and no longer being billed to you once you have completely moved out.

Lights, action!

Lubbock Power and Light – Focused on safety and great service, as well as making improvements to the existing electrical grid.

South Plains Electric Cooperative – Serving the area surrounding Lubbock, this energy cooperative offers a low-cost plan and does a lot of educational work in the community.

Xcel Energy – This company offers both electric and gas service and is also dedicated to bringing more renewable energy to the Lubbock area.utility set up Lubbock

Water, Water

City of Lubbock Utilities – Your handy one-stop shop for electric service, water, sewer, and trash pick-up.

Get Connected

Having internet is crucial if you want to discover and enjoy all that Lubbock has to offer, as well as cozy nights in your new quiet apartment, enjoying your favorite shows from around the world. Here are the most popular internet providers in the area:

  • AT&T – This behemoth company offers internet, TV, and cellular service. You can get just the one you need or save money with a bundle. AT&T has fast, reliable speeds and surprisingly great customer service.
  • HughesNet – Offering satellite internet at affordable prices, this is a great choice for families relocating to Lubbock.
  • Suddenlink – Choose from a variety of packages and bundles built to suit your family’s needs. Suddenlink also has brick & mortar locations with efficient in-person service, and special rates for small business owners.
  • Viasat – If you dream of the fastest available internet, check out Viasat. Perfect for gamers and YouTube fans, never miss a thing with their enormously high speeds and generous data caps.

It’s a Gas

If your new apartment in Lubbock offers gas appliances like a heater or range, then you’ll need to get that set up before you move in as well. Chefs and food lovers will appreciate the culinary experience of working with a gas stove, and gas heaters provide loads of toasty warmth in the winter.
  • West Texas Gas – WTG prides itself on exceptional customer service. With flexible payment options and a dedication to safety, this company is well-reviewed in the area.
  • Atmos Energy – Easy to work with and super affordable, Atmos has worked with the Red Cross to help disaster survivors for over twenty years.

Getting all your utility services set up and working by your move-in date will make everything so much easier. It can be challenging for sure, but most companies can be dealt with online or over the phone quickly and efficiently. Welcome home to your new Lubbock apartment!

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