Miranda  Stabler Photo

Advertising and Marketing Coordinator

Miranda Stabler

Meet Miranda Stabler, the Advertising and Marketing Coordinator at the Lubbock Apartment Association. Miranda uses her skills in web design, photography, sales, and knowledge of social media and marketing to make the association as enjoyable and successful as possible. She has had a successful photography business since 2019, with an impressive portfolio ranging from weddings to legal video depositions. Miranda grew up in Lubbock and then briefly lived in Amarillo, TX, while her husband attended pharmacy school. 

Miranda has a lot of passion for the association and its members. She loves visiting the members and their properties and helping them with their online presence. She has lived in several apartments over the years, but her favorite was Deerfield Village in west Lubbock. She has three dogs and a cat, so a pet-friendly property is essential to her. Her must-have feature in a rental home/apartment is a lot of space, indoor and out, for her dogs and plants.

Miranda enjoys gardening, playing with her three dogs and one cat, reading books, and spending time with family in her free time. She also stays busy with her professional photography business. She loves to be active and always has something to work on.

Miranda is excited about the ever-growing growth Lubbock is experiencing and can't wait to see how the Lubbock Apartment Association will benefit from that growth. She loves meeting new people and learning how she can add value to their relationships.