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Finding your dream apartment in Lubbock doesn’t have to be hard. You can narrow down the many options to a more manageable field of contenders by comparing a few key aspects of the apartment communities that you like.

Think about your needs and wants – and make a list of the details that are most important to you. Here are some crucial considerations to ponder when searching for your ideal apartment.

Location, Location, Location

A necessary consideration is the location of your potential new home. If you’re moving to Lubbock for work, you probably won’t appreciate a long commute. If you have young children, school districts are another significant factor in your decision.
Lubbock is a small but growing city with several vibrant neighborhoods, each with their own personality. For those who like to be within a short distance of dining and entertainment options, then look at communities in Downtown or the Depot District. If you prefer being close to nature, then perhaps something near vast Mackenzie Park. Students at Texas Tech will be more comfortable in college-oriented TTU housing near campus, like the North and South Overton areas off University Avenue.Lubbock apartment search

Your Budget

Whether your housing budget is quite plush or a bit leaner, Lubbock has something that is perfect for you. There are several luxury apartment complexes around town that offer resort-style amenities for your enjoyment. Keep in mind that most communities require an application fee and proof of income.
The finance gurus at Nerd Wallet state that you’ll usually spend around thirty percent of your income on your rent payment. Too much more than that, and you won’t have money left for fun and entertainment. Try looking at apartments with three bedrooms or more to split expenses. Roommates and partners help bear the financial burden, but apartment managers are going to check the financial records of everyone who applies to be on the lease.

Lifestyle Fit

Moving to a new city is daunting, but if you choose an apartment that really suits your lifestyle, you will feel comfortable in your new home much faster. Many people enjoy preparing large meals for their friends and families and hosting dinner parties – if you’re one of those folks, then you will want to find a place that offers a chef quality kitchen and plenty of room for entertaining.
Bicycling fans should consider the availability of bike storage and the apartment’s proximity to sweet riding trails. Swimmers and sun bunnies will love a complex that has a gorgeous pool. Pet owners need an apartment community with an understanding pet policy, a dog park, and near walkable areas.

Maximum Space

Are you branching out to your first place by yourself? Or are you part of a rather large family? From cute studio apartments to spacious multi-room townhomes, it’s crucial to determine exactly how much room you will need.
Those living alone usually go for the studio or one bedroom apartment. Housing in Lubbock is rather affordable, so these floor plans are a good value. If you’re hunting for the perfect place for yourself, look for complexes that won’t short you on storage.
If you’ve got a posse of cool roommates or a couple of adorable children, then you’ll need something with more square feet. Typically, the larger your apartment is, the heftier your rent payment will be. Get the biggest bang for your bucks by searching for apartments with gigantic closets and lots of room to spread out.

Your Intuition

Schedule an in-person tour at the apartment complexes around Lubbock that seem to fit most if not all your needs. This will give you a chance to visually assess your potential new home and get a feel for the area. You’ll get to meet the leasing office staff and be able to determine if they are friendly and helpful or leave a little to be desired.
Is the community being taken care of? Peeling paint and overgrown landscaping can signal future difficulties getting things repaired on time. How do the neighbors seem? If you’re getting serial killer vibes from any of the residents, cross that one off your list. What’s the traffic like? Is it safe to ride your bike or walk pets around here or do people drive like maniacs? Trusting your instincts is crucial when making a big decision like where to live.

There’s a lot to think about when searching for a new apartment in Lubbock. Make a list of your top needs, carefully evaluate your options, and don’t be rushed into anything. Consider all the above aspects in depth, and you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your household.

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