Texas Tech University Student Guide 

Welcome to Texas Tech University! Starting college as a Red Raider is exciting but can be equally nerve racking. From finding the right student apartment in Lubbock, to settling into life at TTU, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. No worries! We have complied our best advice in our TTU Student Guide to make your transition as easy as possible. Start you apartment search here, find your perfect home and get involved around campus. GO Raiders!

Searching for Student Housing

Finding the right apartment near Texas Tech University for you is all about figuring out what works best for your lifestyle and preferences. Use this guide to weigh your options and find an apartment home that is in the location you want, within your budget and has all the amenities you desire.  Make your college apartment search easy, whether you want a one-bedroom or a four bedroom apartment near TTU.

ttu aerial view

Start Your Search For Apartments Near Texas Tech

Find the perfect apartment for you near TTU. Search by your preferences for amenities, location, lease style and more!

student friendly apartments ttu

Student-Friendly Features In Apartments Near TTU

Make sure your apartment is student-ready with all the amenities that help you study, socialize and relax. Get the most out of your TTU college apartment experience.

by the bedroom or by the apartment

By The Bedroom vs. By The Apartment

Student housing options can be complicated. Get educated on leasing terms like "by the bedroom" and "by the apartment" means and what option is the best for you. 

on vs off ttu campus

Off-Campus vs. On-Campus Housing; Which One Is Right For You

Get an idea of what life looks like when you live on the Texas Tech University campus versus living in an off campus apartment complex.

TTU Apartment Life

Settle into your TTU new home with a shopping list for your furnished apartment, advice on how to handle living with roommates and tips for pet ownership for a college student. 

Furnished ttu apartment grocery list

Furnished Apartment Grocery Shopping List

Living near Texas Tech University may be the  first time grocery shopped for yourself. Check out our guide to the essentials that every student needs for their next grocery haul.

TTU apartment

Living With Roommates

A furnished apartment may take the bulk of items off your apartment list, but there are still a few things left to get. Check out everything you didn't know you needed in your Texas Tech University furnished apartment.

pet owner ttu apartment

Pet Ownership for TTU Students

Having your furry friend join you in your TTU apartment can be so much fun, but pet ownership can be can be a lot to handle in college. Here's what you need to know to be the best pet parent possible. 

Settling In To Life As A Texas Red Raider 

Let us help you feel confident in your transition to Texas Tech University when you get involved on campus, make friends at TTU, and learn how to navigate the campus like a pro. 

getting around ttu

Getting Around Texas Tech Campus

Find the best transportation method to navigate to class efficiently and find the best study spots on campus to frequent. 

UCF Living with roommates

Making Friends at TTU

Finding an apartment is the easy part; making friends at your new university is more challenging. Learn how to find your people at Texas Tech University. 

getting around Texas Tech University

Get Involved at TTU

Being involved at Texas Tech can be the best way to meet people, expand your social circle and explore your interests outside of class. See what is waiting for you at TTU.

TTU Campus Involvement

TTU Campus Life

Check out what campus life at Texas Tech University has waiting for you as a new Raider.  

Map of TTU

Map of TTU Campus

Check out where you classes are on campus and get aquatinted with the layout of Texas Tech University.