By the bedroom vs. by the apartment

Before you begin your search for the perfect Texas Tech college apartment, you should understand all the choices you have. Your housing options as a student in Lubbock are a little different than the average renter. Apartment complexes provide leasing options that are specifically tailored towards students that work for everyone’s lifestyle and preferences. One of the major distinctions that sets student housing apart is the option to rent “by the bedroom” instead of the standard “by the apartment.”

So, what does that mean?

By The Bedroom

“By the Bedroom” is another term for an individual lease. This means that even if you rent a Texas Tech University apartment with roommates, you still will only be responsible for your own payment. You will still have to keep up with your room, bathroom, and common areas, along with your own monthly rent.

If you plan on rooming with your TTU friends while in college, who may not be the cleanliest or most reliable with their payments, this may be a good option for you. You can room with them without being financially tied and being worried about someone else flaking.

The downside of choosing a Lubbock apartment with an individual lease is that you will pay a premium for your financial freedom. Since the liability of your other roommates is being taken off you, it is being put back onto the apartment complex. The added risk for the complex will result in a slightly higher monthly rent for the bedroom vs by the apartment

By The Apartment

“By the apartment” or a joint lease is the traditional way of splitting up risk and payments when renting. With a joint lease all the renters hold the responsibility of the full cost of rent and utilities. The upkeep of the apartment, even your roommates’ rooms will be your responsibility. With student housing and especially random roommates, this can be risky. If your landlord needs money for rent or withholds your deposit, it will affect all your roommates equally. This is however, the cheaper of the two leasing options.

When you’re searching the market for a great college apartment near Texas Tech, it’s always a good idea to know what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a good deal on an apartment that you can split with a few roommates, then a classic joint lease will work well for you. If you’re more concerned with financial responsibility and are living with others that may not have the same timeliness or cleanliness standards as you, consider signing a “by the bedroom” style lease. Weigh your options, think about what your priorities are, and you’ll have the right apartment for you in no time.

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