Getting around Texas Tech Campus 

parking at ttu There are many different student transportation options for getting around Texas Tech University. If you're a freshman at TTU you may be confused and overwhelmed. Don't worry; whether you live on campus or in an apartment near TTU you’ll be able to find the best way to get around Lubbock based on your own lifestyle, preferences, and distance to campus.

Bus System

There are multiple different bus systems at Texas Tech that offer service around campus and around Lubbock off campus.

Texas Tech Students can ride the CitiBus for free anywhere on or off campus simply by showing their student ID. You can check out a full list different routes and schedules of the university website to always make sure that you’re on time for class. They have a helpful application called DoubleMap on the Apple App Store and Google Play that gives live bus tracking. This is a great option for students living in Lubbock, Texas at apartments near TTU that are a little bit further from campus.
Pro tip: If you don’t live within walking distance to campus look for apartments along the campus bus route or with a designated bus stop for an easier commute to class!

Raider Ride
Raider Ride is an evening transportation service to help get students around campus at night. They offer rides seven days a week from 6 PM to 2:45 AM. This is completely free to all TTU students and all you need to hop on the ten passenger vans is a valid student ID. You can request a ride through the Tap Ride App and track the different Raider Ride shuttles as well. This is a great transportation feature to keep student safe, so that they don’t feel pressure to walk home alone at night after hours of cramming for an exam in the library.

Parking on Campus

There is parking for TTU students living on campus in residence halls and commuter parking for students who are living in apartments near TTU. To park on campus, you will need to purchase a pass from ePermit. Its modern system because TTU doesn’t give student out physical passes, your parking permit is tied to license plate number and vehicle registered at your parking account.

Ride Sharing

In addition to TTU’s Raider Ride free service there are multiple other rides sharing services that are accessible to students on campus or in apartments near TTU. Uber, Lyft, Lime, and even traditional Taxis are all available by request or apps. Even though these services can be a little more of an expensive option, it’s great for certain times that you need a ride at night off campus back to your TTU apartment when the Raider Ride only stays on campus.

Biking and Walking

Texas Tech is a very walkable and biker friendly campus. They try to accommodate all students with different biking services to stay. Biking and walking are better for moving around campus in short distances. The university sells used bicycles for a lower rate than traditional bikes for TTU students and employees. You can register your bike on campus and use the TTU free bike service station for any small repairs or maintenance. This is a great option if you are unable to take your bike to a shop when a small issue arises. There are many designated areas on campus to park your bike so you will always have a spot for it.

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