getting involved at ttu

College is all about finding a balance between academics, social life, and of course student involvement on campus. Getting involved on campus at Texas Tech University gives you various opportunities to pursue your passions, interests, service, or career. This article will break down all the different ways to get involved on campus, so you can find your own niche and make a real impact during your time at TTU.

Student Organizations

There are endless opportunities to get involved on campus at Texas Tech University with over 450 different student organizations on campus to choose among. From sports to academics to hobbies, they really offer it all. You’ll be sure to find a club that matches your major or interest. A full list of student organizations can be found on TTU’s website. If for some reason none of the club’s sound appealing, you can always create your own by following a few simple steps. Just find an advisor, submit an intent to form request, then finish the registration process. Get onto campus easily when you live in an apartment near Texas Tech University
One of the best ways to learn about all the different on campus organizations when you first arrive at college is going to the Raider Welcome Student Organization Fair. Each club will set up a booth with their leadership teams to give more information about their clubs. There are many different types of student organization but the main areas to choose from are academic, community service, publications, political, multicultural, sports, student government, and religious organizations. Finding commonalities with people is a quick way to make a friend. Maybe you both like taking your pet to the dog park; start there and you'll be fast friends. 

Greek Life

getting involved at ttuGreek life is a great way to get involved on campus through these social and philanthropic organizations. According to TTU’s website about 15% of students at the university are involved with Greek life. You don’t need to join a fraternity or sorority to make friends at college, but they are a great way to help make a big school feel small. There are four different Greek councils on campus including in the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek council, National PanHellenic council, and Panhellenic council, so you’ll have to see what the right option for you is! The typical process to join any of these groups is to go through the fall formal recruitment process or the informal spring recruitment process. You may even want to look for an apartment near Greek Circle for an easy commute to chapter meetings. There are many benefits to joining Greek organizations such as leadership opportunities and friendships.


Work and Internship Opportunities

Having an internship in your related field of study is a great way to gain experience and boost your resume. There are both paid and unpaid internship to choose from and some even offer college credit for your time. There are many internships on campus as well as services to help connect you with other internships in your industry. The University Career Center helps with employer recruiting, resume and cover letter writing, career assessments, and on campus jobs. They have all the resources you need to help get hired onto the workforce!

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