The On Campus vs. Off Campus Debate 

If you’re moving to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University, you will probably have to make the difficult decision: should I live on or off-campus? The answer to this question is not a one-size-fits-all. You should consider a wide range of factors before settling on one or the other. A few variables to consider are price, location, convenience, work, and self-reflecting on your living habits. No choice is inherently better or worse – what’s important is that you make the right decision for you and your experience at Texas Tech University.

Freedom On vs. Off-Campus

One of the most appealing aspects of living in an off-campus TTU apartment is the freedom it provides. When living in a traditional dorm on campus, you are faced with multiple restrictions including visitor hours, quiet hours, curfews, dorm check-in’s, decorating, and more. By living in an off-campus apartment, you’ll have more freedom to do whatever you really want. That’s not to say that the apartment community you choose to live in won’t abide by a specific set of rules and regulations, however typically there is more freedom. Before signing your lease, make sure to read over those rules to make sure the apartment community is the right fit for you. You may even consider renting an apartment with individual leasing if you prefer finances to be separate from roommates.on campus vs off campus ttu

If decorating your apartment with less restrictions is important to you, choosing to live off-campus is probably your best bet. Make sure to check the painting policy of the apartment community before painting or hanging decorations. You will probably just have to repaint and/or fill in nails holes when you move out. However, you will have the luxury of decorating your space in whichever way you please and can really make the apartment your own.

Roommates On vs Off-Campus

If you decide to live on campus at TTU, you will almost certainly have to share a room with at least one roommate but will indisputably have to share a bathroom. If you are someone who does not mind sharing a bathroom with 2-4 people, living on campus may be a good fit for you when it comes to living preferences.

However, if you are a student who values their alone time and privacy, living off-campus may be a better fit. By choosing to live off-campus, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to live alone in a studio or in an apartment with roommates. You can certainly find an apartment with your own room and bathroom. Having your own space to get dressed, study, and relax is one of the great benefits of living off-campus! Additionally, you will find that the apartments have more space compared to on-campus living.

Parking On vs Off-Campus

Let’s face it… trying to find a spot to park is one of the biggest inconveniences in college life. Parking on campus is often an even bigger struggle because every student is fighting to get a spot simultaneously. Even with a parking pass, it can be hard for friends and family to find parking when visiting. Living off-campus makes parking easier for you and your guests! They are often entire parking lots, gated communities, garages, and free guest parking. If you hate fighting for on-campus parking, off-campus living may be the right choice for you.

Then, of course you should always consider price! Before making a decision, pick a few apartment communities that look appealing to you and compare the cost to on-campus living. Make sure to include the added benefits you may be getting with the monthly rent (like not having to pay for a gym membership).

Ultimately, you will make the right choice for yourself as long as you critically reflect on your lifestyle and living preferences.

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