Decorating Your Lubbock Apartment 

Decorating an apartment can be exceptionally overwhelming. It isn’t always an easy task to decorate an entire apartment however, it will surely make you feel at home once you’re done. Although decorating your Lubbock apartment can be stressful, you should try to make it a fun experience! You have the opportunity to completely personalize your apartment according to no one else’s style but your own (unless you have roommates… but that’s a whole other topic) – so have fun with it!

Pick an Aesthetic

The first step in decorating your Lubbock Apartment is picking an aesthetic and sticking with it! If you want your apartment to have a cohesive look that matches a particular style, you’ve got to do your research. Decide what aesthetic you want and fly with it. Do a quick Google search or scroll through Pinterest for design ideas and craft a portfolio with all of the products and layout features you like. Make sure to check if your apartment is furnished before you start decorating. 
Here’s a list of Aesthetics for you to pick from: decorating lubbock apartment
  • Mid-Century Modern 
  • Industrial 
  • Farmhouse 
  • Shabby Chic 
  • Nautical 
  • Bohemian 
  • Farmhouse 
  • Minimal 
  • Your Own!

One Room at a Time

Now that you’ve selected a theme, it’s time to design each space one room at a time. Start by designing the room where you will spend most of your time in. Let’s say the room you spend the most time in is your bedroom, then start there! Your first course of action when designing a room in your new apartment should be analyzing the floorplan and figuring out where you want furniture items to go. This is an incredibly important, especially if you're living in a studio or one bedroom apartment, but often overlooked step. If you simply buy furniture and design pieces but do not actually asses your space, you may end up with pieces that do not fit your space (which would be a disaster!). After you decide on a floorplan, consider the furniture and the aesthetic of the room.

Don’t Be Shy

It’s time to get to work! Don’t be shy to take chances in your new apartment to truly transform it into a space that feels like home. You’ve selected the paint and décor and now it’s time to go head in. Do not get hung up on little details or stressed about the blank canvas. Simply focus on one room at a time and use your prepared list of décor and furniture pieces that fit your aesthetic and you will have a cohesive space that you will love!

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