Top 4 Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock, TX

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Top 4 Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock, TX

4 Bedroom Apartments

When determining if you want to look at 4-bedroom apartments in Lubbock, you have to assess if this layout fits your lifestyle. Are you ready for roommates? Are you prepared to compromise? There are challenges that come with a four-bedroom layout that you won't find in a studio apartment, such as agreeing on decoration or dividing fridge space. If you're looking for a more quiet apartment option, this may not be the right floor plan for you!

Benefits of 4-Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock

When everything is divided between four people, prices tend to go down. In a four-bedroom, you can expect rent and utilities to be cheaper apartments because the cost isn't all on your shoulders alone. You can live in a luxury apartment at an affordable price! Whether your lease is by the bedroom or by the apartment, you're sure to find an option that fits everyone's budget.

Another benefit of a four-bedroom apartment is the opportunity to room with your besties. You can enjoy dinners together and endless movie nights without even leaving your apartment. If you're fortunate enough to have a great relationship with your roommates, there will always be someone in your apartment under $800/month that you can go to for help, advice, or just cheering up.

How to Decorate a Four-Bedroom Apartment in Lubbock

Your bedroom will be your place of total creative freedom, but the kitchen and living room are shared spaces, and it's important that everyone feels at home in them. A good way to do this is to talk about the logistics before move-in day. Maybe someone already has a great couch that can be the inspiration for the rest of the room. Maybe someone has a green-thumb and wants plants as a focal point of decoration. Build off of each other, brainstorming until you come to an agreement. Deciding on a theme and a color scheme are your first two steps.

Take to Pinterest for inspiration. If you're decorating on a budget, try second-hand stores or Facebook Marketplace. You don't have to sacrifice style for price. Remember that the goal is for everyone to feel at home in the shared spaces, so voice your opinion while still offering to compromise.

How to Find Roommates for a Four-Bedroom Apartment in Lubbock

If you're not signing a lease with friends, finding roommates can be stressful. It's important that your personalities align enough so that you can be cordial and respectful of each other's spaces. When you're starting your search, look at yourself first. What is your level of cleanliness and how do you want your roommates to compare? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Is it important to you to live with someone your age, or are you open to variety? Layout your priorities so you can be ready when a potential roommate comes knocking.

Online forums, roommate matching, and asking around are the best ways to find roommates. Find a Facebook group that focuses on roommate matching and introduce yourself. Be sure to include your budget range for best results. Don't be afraid to read people's posts and message them for leads. Look for someone you think you could get along with. If that doesn't work, asking your friends might. See if they know someone in need of a roommate and ask for their contact information. You'll be able to quickly determine if they're a good fit for your lifestyle. If you're too busy to do the investigative work, see if the apartment you're looking at has roommate matching. With a quick quiz, the apartment can match you with like-minded people.

There are options to fit everyone's lifestyle and budget when looking at 4-bedroom apartments in Lubbock. Determine what amenities are important to you and narrow your search that way. Don't let the roommate search be overwhelming. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to make three lifelong friends. Wherever you sign next, it's sure to be a great year.

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