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    Apartments in Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District (ISD

    Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District

    Living in an apartment in Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District is perfect for families and children who value attending school in this reputable area. Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District, or LCISD, is the second fastest growing school district in Texas. Located in South Lubbock, this district encompasses the Woodrow and Slide communities. Lubbock-Cooper ISD is known for valuing its students through its three core guiding values of heart, innovative, and professionalism. Students who go to school in this district will be instilled with five key takeaways: well-prepared, communicator, motivated, innovator, and well-rounded. If you are the kind of person who would like to live in an apartment near LCISD, you will enjoy family-friendly amenities at your new apartment to compliment your children's education.

    Amenities to Prioritize in Apartments in Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District

    Larger Floorplans

    If you have children living with you, you will likely want to look for an apartment with three bedrooms or four bedrooms or more spacious features such as open kitchens, laundry rooms, and more. When it comes to entertaining a child, the more areas to run around the better. If you want more space for your family, having more bathrooms or an equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms might also be something you should prioritize in your apartment search.

    Playgrounds and Pools

    For younger children, a playground at your new home is a no brainer. The value of having a space at home to let children get some fresh air and let out some energy cannot be overvalued. Many apartments in this area may also be near parks with playgrounds and other child-friendly areas. Another recreational space that is perfect for families is a pool, especially those that are larger or complexes with two pools, since you will likely be a community regular.


    With a lot of people in one apartment comes a lot of dishes, laundry, and areas to clean up. For these reasons, an apartment in Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District should have necessary appliances like a dishwasher and garbage disposal. You might also prioritize having a washer/dryer in your apartment or at the least a laundry facility onsite to ensure you and your family can get laundry done close to home.

    Clubhouses, Gaming Rooms, and More

    If you have older children, gaming rooms are a perfect recreational activity for them to do with their friends after school and on the weekends. Clubhouses offer a perfect place to gather and hang out outside of your personal space, so having these extra community amenities cannot be underscored. Some apartments near LCISD might also have additional features like community theatres, dog parks, and more that might benefit you and your family. Living in your ideal school district and having plenty of options for you and your children to relax and play after school will make your living situation the most ideal.

    Your new apartment near Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District should have all the family-friendly features that you need to make your after-school life as easy as possible. Consider prioritizing kid friendly amenities such as these in your apartment search.

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