What are some cool, hidden places to visit in Lubbock?

Lubbock hidden spotsOnce you're in your brand new apartment in Lubbock, you'll want to do some more exploring around town. Get out of your quiet apartment and see all this amazing southern city has to offer! Lubbock is a quaint and relatively quiet city. If you are only here for a limited time with a short-term lease, these places are a must-see.There is not only a lot of history here but some very interesting places to visit. Especially places that you wouldn't expect to be in Lubbock.

1. Robert Bruno's "Steel House"

This unique steel sculpture was started back in 1973 after Bruno started teaching at Texas Tech's school of architecture in 1971. The steel sculpture is an oddly shaped 3 level building that lies on the rim of Ransom Canyon. Described as part sculpture, part house, and part 1970's time capsule, it is a building you cannot miss.

2. Lubbock Arboretum

The Lubbock Arboretum strives to keep Lubbock beautiful with lush flowers and plants. The Arboretum is not only a beautiful oasis to visit in Lubbock but also a vital resource for people who are interested in horticulture. The Lubbock Arboretum is an educational tool that exhibits which trees and ornamental plants can successfully survive in the arid West Texas climate.

3. Flippers Tavern

Do you like vintage pinball games, food, and drinks? Then Flippers Tavern is just for you! Located off Avenue Q, this tavern provides some of the coolest pinball machines and board games in town along with an artistic atmosphere. For example, most of the tables are made from the pinball machine faces, and the booths are made from old pinball machines. Flippers Tavern is known for their gourmet style hot dogs but also provide other great food options that will have you leaving happy. The back patio allows for great times in the spring and fall plus, the patio is dog-friendly.

4. Sugar Brown's Coffee

This coffee shop was reopened several years ago and is a great spot that lots of people pass on 19th Street without thinking much of it. Sugar Brown's is a great place to meet up with friends or even study. With occasional music events on the weekend, this is a coffee shop that is unlike most here in Lubbock. Cladded with local artwork, neon signs, and wall murals, this coffee shop feels like a portal into Austin, Texas. This goes without mentioning the fantastic coffee that they serve.

5. The Shack

Last but certainly not the least, The Shack off of 4th street is one of the best BBQ joints in Lubbock, Texas. Being supplied meat from Texas Tech's award winning meat judging team, they create flavors and brisket that cannot be easily replicated. They occasionally throw crawfish broils for those that enjoy the New Orleans vibe. This is one spot that is a little ways out but is worth every mile driven.

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