I just moved to Lubbock. What should I know about the area?

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What You Should Know About Lubbock

what you should know about lubbock

If you are new to Lubbock or are thinking of moving here, we have a list of several things you should know about this quaint city to make sure it feels like home to you. First off, Lubbock is a great example of a college town. Good news is, the students tend to stay near the college most of the time because that's where the businesses that appeal to them reside. From an economic perspective, Lubbock ranks very well. According to Forbes, Lubbock is #101 on "Best Place for Businesses and Careers in the U.S.," #22 in "Cost of Doing Business," and #77 in "Job Growth." Job growth in Lubbock has gone up 2.4% in 2016. Factor in that Lubbock's cost of living is 4.6%, below the national average, and you will learn that this town is called the Hub City for a reason. Lubbock is a city known across the nation, but still holds that small town feel, which makes it popular for people from Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston to move. It's best described as a small town getaway for these people while maintaining the stature of being the 11th largest city in Texas.

What You Should Know About Lubbock

There are some things to be wary of though, particularly the unpredictable weather. In general, Texas weather is unpredictable and can vary with the turn of an hour. There's a popular saying that goes around in Lubbock regarding the weather: "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes," and this phrase couldn't be truer. The wind here is the first phenomenon you will notice, as you drive into city limits you will start to feel your car shake and sway. There's a reason there are so many windmills planted beyond city limits; there's a lot of wind here! The second phenomenon you will notice, especially in the spring, is rain. Lubbock has the unique capability of having pale blue cloudless skies to thick dark monsoon-like clouds within a matter of hours. While rain isn't as big of a deal in most places, it is here. Why do you ask? It's because Lubbock is a flatland and there is nowhere for the water to drain! It floods here when it rains, and it's best to stay off the streets when it does. On sunnier days, you will see the absolute opposite scene. Sunny days in Lubbock are mesmerizing with color and less humid. The sunsets have the color pallet of a Bob Ross painting, and there are not many places with more beautiful sunsets.

What You Should Know About Lubbock?

Overall Lubbock is a fantastic place to live. With economic success, a small town feel, and beautiful weather, most of the time, you will have no problem enjoying your new apartment!

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