Tips For An Easy Move-In Day

You’ve completed the first step of the journey – finding the Lubbock apartment of your dreams. Now, the next step has arrived – moving into your new space. Moving into a new apartment is a mix of emotions. You are nervous and stressed but also exceptionally excited to be settled in. Let’s take it one step at a time. Moving can be a piece of pie as long as you plan your day correctly. Try these tips for a smooth moving day!


Your first course of action should be organizing a list of what you need for your apartment. Figure out what you already have and make sure to check that off the list then separate the item somewhere you won’t forget it. Creating a list will make packing easier and ultimately give you a feel for what you need. Another way to stay organized during move in is to label your boxes. This way you can sort items according to the room they belong in your new apartment. This will make your move a lot easier and less overwhelming, settling you into your quiet apartment in no time. moving tips Lubbock

Communicate with Your Roommates

If you are living with roommates in your two or three bedroom apartment, it is crucial that you communicate with every person you are living with. Consider making a group chat to discuss which items each roommate will bring to the apartment. Communal spaces such as the living room and kitchen should be jointly decorated and furnished. To avoid having a shortage of furniture or duplicates of items (such as toaster), it is critical that you speak to your roommates and decide as a house what each person should bring.

Take Pictures

Before moving in, make sure to carefully analyze your new apartment for any damage (big or small).This is especially important for furnished apartments, as there are morel items to take note of. By doing this, you will avoid getting billed for damage from pervious residents and will have proof that it was not you. You should also make notes of any repairs that must be fixed and inform the property management as soon as possible.

It’s Time

It’s finally time to move in! Make sure to get a good nights rest. You have prepared and have no reason to worry. It’s probably a good idea to ask family or friends to help you move in because moving in alone can be a source of anxiety and can definitely be overwhelming.

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