Jamie Hinojosa Photo

Marketing Director

Jamie Hinojosa

Meet Jamie Hinojosa, the Marketing Director and resident problem solver for LBKapts.com. Jamie is a true Lubbock, TX native. He was born and raised in the area and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech University. He's always had an eye for the arts and photography but has since taught himself software and graphic design skills. Jamie is an adaptive learner; in his many different endeavors he has endured failures but has always grown and developed from them. According to Jamie, anything involving computers and design—he's done it. Jamie has honed his skillset working everywhere from local publication design company, Prints, to Texas Tech Health Science Center's communications department, to eventually his own design studio.

Jamie was first introduced to LBKapts.com in 2013 when he worked on graphics for LBKapts.com's listing magazine and later secured a position as the Social Media Manager. His role has since developed into the Marketing Director position he has now, with his job description expanding to cover all things advertising, marketing, publishing, and developing.

When Jamie first joined the team, he was charged with developing and organizing The Lubbock Apartment Association's apartment finding magazine and print advertising to make sure that it was relevant and useful for renters in Lubbock. He was also a critical player in redeveloping the original 1997 website. Jamie added his flair for the arts to modernize the site with 3D scans, graphic design, and photography. Now a seasoned employee, Jamie's creative assignments are second nature to him, and he works hard to produce high quality work quickly. He shared that he appreciates the autonomy of his role and loves the fantastic team and members he collaborates with.

When Jamie is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 30 years and going on monthly camping trips. They love to explore Texas parks like Arrowhead State Park and grab a great steak on their way back to Lubbock. The pair are parents to two grown girls and are taking it easy as empty nesters on their 3-acre property. While Jamie loves to relax and recharge, he doesn't stay idle. Jamie's happy place is his 30x30 wood working shop. There he pursues his passion for lifelong learning and can be creative. Being productive and working out his mind are priorities of Jamie's—if doesn't know how to do it, he'll learn how from YouTube. He even helped the team by building dog houses for a company charity event! Along with making furniture, Jamie loves to cook flavorful Tex-Mex food in the kitchen. Jamie and his wife have traveled to Europe, Canada, Mexico and much of the surrounding US, but they always look forward to coming back home to friendly and inviting Lubbock. As a lifelong resident, Jamie has seen Lubbock blossom into the nice city with a small-town mentality it is today. He attributes much of this growth to the expanding apartment and multi-family housing market and loves being part of helping people find their home in his hometown.